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Welcome to ProWiki!

ProWiki is an enhanced version of [UseModWiki], which adds the concept of properties. (Which is where the name comes from -- there's nothing particularly professional going on here.) These properties allow the Wiki to be easily used for the creation of semi-structured data.

ProWiki is currently at version 0.1a -- this is alpha-grade software, functional and without known severe bugs, but probably with some unknown ones. Use at your own risk.

Using ProWiki

The following pages will tell you more about what ProWiki does differently from other Wikis.

ProWiki Internals

These pages discuss how ProWiki works at the nuts-and-bolts level, for those who want to hack around with it.

LARPs and ProWiki -- Examples

ProWiki was built for a very specific purpose: to make it easier for me to develop my Live Action Roleplaying games (LARPs). My games tend to be very heavily written, with all characters, items, and major plots predefined before the game starts. As a result, I have a lot of semi-structured data, with major kinds of pages that have particular roles. Ordinary Wikis don't provide enough structure for my purposes, so I added properties to make it easier to work with.

As a result, LARPs make a good example of how ProWiki is intended to be used. So the following pages provide a very simple schema for LARP development, as well as a stupidly trivial LARP to examine.

Got questions? Feel free to write to me at "prowiki at waks dot org". No promises about how fast I'll respond, but I'm happy to hear from folks.

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