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This Site is Obsolete

This page has not been maintained since 2010, and no further updates are going to be made here. I'm leaving it up for historical purposes, but for more complete and current information, please see:

That's written in Querki, a high-powered wiki system, and is much easier to maintain. Please go over there, look around, and join in if you'd like to help maintain it. If you have a link pointing to this page, please add that one instead.

Now, on to the old site...

Welcome to a page specifically dedicated to Really Old Games. This page is intended to cover anything and everything pertaining to games in the Medieval and Renaissance periods. All are welcome to contribute; I am particularly looking for relevant sites to point to.

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Descriptions of Period Games, and Research Materials

Frequently Asked Question

I'm looking for information on period games for children. Do you have information on this?

While there is no site that I'm aware of dedicated to period kid's games in specific, the book "Medieval Games" is quite rich in games appropriate for children. A full citation, including ordering instructions, can be found in my bibliography.

(I don't have any direct connection with the author, nor do I get any profit from the book; it's just that this is the most common question at this site, so I call it out specifically.)

Discussion of Period Games

Recreating Period Games

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Odds and Ends

The Dead Links page collects links that have gone bad that I can't immediately find new locations of.

This page is maintained by Justin du Coeur. I am highly active in the Society for Creative Anachronism (among other things). I expect that most of the people particularly interested in this topic are going to be involved in the SCA or other re-creative/re-enactment organizations, but anyone should feel free to wander around and schmooze. I can be contacted at