Hasdrubal and Amber

Awards Given, April 1984 - October 1984

First Court, Rhydderich Hael, April 14, 1984
Count with Patent of Arms - Viktor Ghadwers
Countess with Patent of Arms - Sedalia MacNare
Lady of the Rose - Sedalia MacNare
Award of Arms - Marianna Donofrey
Award of Arms - Jacquetta de Mehun
Award of Arms - Malcolm MacAngus MacCrinan MacBethoc MacFearghus of Kinross

Crown Tournament, Bridge, May 12, 1984
Award of Arms - Cormac MacEamon na Connemara
Award of Arms - Maegeathe Artema Leonides
Award of Arms - Sean O'Choda
Award of Arms - Thorvald Clavvland
Award of Arms - Diana merch Morwydd
Award of Arms - Owyn y Crwydryn
Award of Arms - Theodore Digenes Ducas
Sagittarius - Taliesin of Nordovest
Court Baroness - Asenath Chamberly of Morrismount

War of the Roses, Concordia, May 27, 1984
Award of Arms - Godwyn Penkerris o Wythial
Award of Arms - Alberetta Harsannyi
Award of Arms - Aelfwyn of Dunmeade

King's and Queen's Champion Tourney, Myrkfaelinn, June 9, 1984
Award of Arms - Ellethel Felda'ian
Award of Arms - Elaigne Kerr Benicoeur
Award of Arms - Avelyn Bisset
Silver Crescent - Elspeth Keyf of Neddingham
King's Champion - Manfred von Halstern
Queen's Champion - Wulfgar of Northumbria

Baronial Champion's Tourney, Rhydderich Hael, June 23, 1984
Baron of the Rhydderich Hael and Grant of Arms - Wulfgar of Northumbria
Baroness of the Rhydderich Hael and Grant of Arms - Etta von Felsenstrand
Award of Arms - Zahava Tchauchik
Terpsichore - Cameireann ui Cuinn

Inter-Kingdom Peace, Bhakail, June 30, 1984
Manche - William Widefarer
Manche - Aristotle Herakleides
Silver Crescent - Adela de Shea
Award of Arms - Stephen of Falworth
Award of Arms - Tristan of Lochmur
Award of Arms - Wilwaric Weaponstopper

Fight Camp, Delftwood, July 14, 1984
Award of Arms - Elspeth Starwatcher
Award of Arms - Roger Brislanse Theredheued
Award of Arms - Morguhn Sheridan

Pax Interruptus, Thescorre, July 28, 1984
Award of Arms - Brigitte von Eisenberg
Award of Arms - Akivasha Mikroligos
Queen's Order of Courtesy - Reynard des Montaignes
Manche - Alamanda de Miraval
Silver Crescent - Daedra MacBeth a Gryphon
Tygers Combattant and Award of Arms - Francisco Diego de Lara

Pennsic XIII, Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, August 18, 1984
Award of Arms - Lyanna of Kernough
Silver Crescent - Johannes aus Nierenstein
Silver Crescent - Caitriona ni Bhrain
Silver Crescent - Morgan MacLeod of Dunvegan
Manche - Arlin Throckmorton
Manche - Lucasta della Canzona Transalpina
Sagittarius - Donal MacAyre of Gorabh
Tygers Combattant - Kormakr Ulfshofuth
Tygers Combattant - Tyracke of Tryndlyr
Master of the Pelican - Steffan ap Cynnedd of Silverwing
Mistress of the Laurel - Alizaunde de Bregeuf

Pennsic XIII, on the battlefield, BMDL, August 19, 1984
Knight - Sten Halvorsen

Baronial Investiture, Settmour Swamp, September 8, 1984
Baron of Settmour Swamp, Grant of Arms - Eirik Rodbjorn
Award of Arms - Horic Gravargar
Award of Arms - Allison Prinvillars de Tours
Award of Arms - Tennequay of Settmour Swamp
Award of Arms - Retep the Barbarian
Award of Arms - Sindara Lind Rachael Fessel of the Falconshield
Award of Arms - Turlough O'Rourke
Award of Arms - Bronwyn Dawntreader
Troubadour - Edward Zifran of Gendy
Queen's Order of Courtesy - Cinhil MacAran
Manche - Gwenyth merch Llewellyn
Manche - Gabriella Maddelena d'Annunzio
Silver Crescent - Tamar the Gypsy
Silver Crescent - Galleron de la Chenille
Mistress of the Pelican - Sedalia MacNare

Summer's End Tourney, Beau Fleuve, September 15, 1984
Award of Arms - Catalina de la Estrella
Award of Arms - Arame merch Emrys
Award of Arms - Robyn of Deira
Award of Arms - Fredrika of Hildesheim
Award of Arms - Eloise Aurelia Childebert

Viking Winterfinding, Debatable Lands, September 22, 1984
Award of Arms - Ellesif den Flakkingskvinne
Award of Arms - Wolfgang of Nuenkirchen
Award of Arms - Maeglin Caer Graeme
Award of Arms - Gwilyn o'r Avonydd Tair
Award of Arms - Bronislav Yarslovovich
Award of Arms - Morgan Caer Graeme
Troubadour - Morgan Caer Graeme

Not-Ready-For-Crown-Tourney Tourney, Endless Hills, September 29, 1984
Award of Arms - Thorkel of Neville's Cross
Award of Arms - Iseultbane
Award of Arms - Brynhilde
Award of Arms - Donald MacAerod
Award of Arms - Cassandra Tedesco
Award of Arms - Teanna
Award of Arms - Sigismund von Altenstad

Silvering Tourney, Mountain Freehold, October 8, 1984
Award of Arms - Dragor the Grey
Award of Arms - Harold Ulfsson
Award of Arms - Philipe Balthazar le Moreau
Award of Arms - Rhys Breatnach

Last Court, Concordia of the Snows, October 20, 1984
Award of Arms - Harold of Auerbach
Award of Arms - Arnwulf the Red
Award of Arms - Keilyn Ellewynne Far-Traveller
Manche - Mara Tudora Kolarova
Manche - Madeleine de la Neige
Silver Crescent - Florian of the Glen
Queen's Cypher - Arianna of Wynthrope
Queen's Cypher - Arienhwyfar Pell

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