Their Majesties of the East, Darius II and Roxane II

April - September 2003
Chronological Tables of Awards given by the Crown
(local awards listed in rolls of orders and alphabetical lists but not here)
First Court at Coronation, April 12, 2003
Duchess Isabella of York
Duke Andreas Eisfalke von Ulm
Award of Arms Sibylla atte Blakeley
Award of Arms Steven Renwald of Haus von Halsstern
Award of Arms Macha of Wyspering Wode
Queen's Order of Courtesy Alexander MacGregor
Tygers Cub Erica MacGregor
Tygers Cub Stephanie MacGregor
Award of Arms Catarina di Venezia
Court Baron Sirhan al Siani (Diablu)
Manche Michael Stewart Graham
Manche Rhys of Harlech
Award of Arms Joss the Tall
Silver Crescent Philadelphia Brown
Silver Crescent Ronan Lynceus
Award of Arms Raven of Rusted Woodlands
Award of Arms Myrok of the Open Hand, of the Great Dark Horde
Master of the Pelican Griffyn Cleisiog ap Madoc

Balfar's Challenge, April 19, 2003
Queen's Order of Courtesy (backlog?) Dietrich von Karo
Burdened Tyger Yasmine bint Rasheed
Award of Arms Allegra de Londres
Award of Arms Siobhan Macampmahaoil (aka Siobhan MacWilliams)
Manche Alianor of Ravenglas

Spring War Practice, April 26, 2003
Award of Arms Laurensa de Chambord
Award of Arms Gisele von Kreutzbach
Award of Arms Elizabeth of Owl's Reste
Award of Arms Heinrich von Eisleben
Award of Arms Gavan Macbane
Award of Arms Christopher Chalchoune
Court Baron, Grant of Arms Berach MacTavish
Court Baroness, Grant of Arms Katrina MacAulish

Crown Tournament, May 3, 2003
Prince Balfar von Grunwald
Princess Luna Athanwulf
Award of Arms Fionnghuala of the White Hands
Award of Arms Willum Goldenhawk of Oxenbridge
Award of Arms Mathew Undrell
Award of Arms Victoria de Pycard
Tygers Cub Cody-Rose of House Valkyrie
Award of Arms Sidonia Zardinia
Award of Arms Gericke von Keger
Award of Arms Katerina Montgomerie
Award of Arms Sandra Louise
Award of Arms Darka Vadas

Northern Shores Regional War Camp and East Kingdom University, May 17, 2003
Award of Arms Llewellyn of Lyndhaven
Queen's Honor of Distinction Isobel of Mobrey
Award of Arms Willaum d'Arteis
Award of Arms Korgan the Young
Award of Arms Adreyanna Evanovick
Burdened Tyger William Lancton
Burdened Tyger Barnabas O'Phelan
Tygers Combattant Cedric of Thanet
Mistress of the Pelican Tanniscent Rhiannon

War of the Roses, Saturday May 24, 2003
Queen's Champion of Archery Ramos da Vida
King's Champion of Archery Rupert the Unbalanced
Queen's Honor of Distinction Maggie Basketmaker
Queen's Honor of Distinction Anne Liese Wolkenhaar
Award of Arms Andrew of Concordia
Award of Arms Becky of Regnesfolke
Award of Arms Chou Fei Hong
Award of Arms Edward Glass
Golden Tyger Thomas Graycloak of Norseland
Golden Tyger Sarah Davies of Monmouth
Award of Arms Graywolf the Gunner
Award of Arms Lorita de Siena
Award of Arms Matthew of Concordia
Award of Arms Oskar der Drachen auf Klaagenfurt
Award of Arms Shoshanna Simcha bat Reuven
Award of Arms Siofra Crea of Regnesfolke
Award of Arms Broch of Anglespur
Tygers Cub Genevieve the Little Red
Tygers Cub Rose Red
Troubadour Toki Red Beard (Garth Fairchild)
Queen's Order of Courtesy Agnarr Skulason
Queen's Order of Courtesy Elisabeth Greenleaf
Queen's Order of Courtesy Sheldon the Just
Silver Crescent Omar Mohammud Mirzazadeh
Mistress of the Laurel Murshida bint Safia al Andalus

War of the Roses, Sunday May 25, 2003
Award of Arms Rebecca of Concordia
Queen's Champion of Arts and Sciences Alianor de Ravenglas
King's Champion of Arts and Sciences Brynn Elionor nic Neachdainn

Stonemarche Baronial Investiture, June 14, 2003
Court Baron Claus of Burzee
Court Baroness Megan Laine
Baron of Stonemarche, Grant of Arms Juan Lazaro Ramirez Xavier
Baroness of Stonemarche, Grant of Arms Maria Pagani
Award of Arms Marielle de Chalon
Award of Arms Melisande de Bourges
Award of Arms Charles of Giggleswick
Award of Arms James Jacob Talbot
Award of Arms Alise Whenby
Award of Arms Batujin Nasan
Maunche Fergus MacRae
Maunche Cassandra Boell von Bayer
Maunche Magnus Casius Lucius
Award of Arms Leceabh merch Ouain
Award of Arms Caera Cruitire ingen Uaithnea
Tygers Cub Janny Spinster (Jan Ree)
Golden Rapier Connor MacGillavray
Master of the Pelican Liam St. Liam
Augmentation of Arms Megan Laine
Tyger of the East Harold von Auerbach

Vinland Raids II / King's and Queen's Champions of Arms, June 21, 2003
Queen's Honor of Distinction Isabel of Rosley
Queen's Honor of Distinction Eleanor le Brun
Award of Arms Gwenhwyvar of Ravenhill
Award of Arms James of Ravenhill
King's Champion of Arms Lucan von Drachenklaue
Queen's Champion of Arms Garrett Shadwell
Tygers Cub Tanya von Grunwald
Award of Arms Maria Alegreza di Nicoletti
Award of Arms Ysemay Sterlyng
Award of Arms Hedinn the Red
Maunche Giselle Vanier
Maunche Kat'ryna Neblaga Volchkova
Award of Arms Vasilia Fedorova doch
Award of Arms Solskinn
Award of Arms Nest ferch Tangwistel
Silver Crescent Padraig Dubh MacEanruig
Silver Crescent John MacGuire
Tygers Combattant HiYama Kufuku Oniko (called Frodo)
Troubadour Griffith FitzWilliam
Award of Arms Dianaim ingen Eochada
Award of Arms Malcolum de Bruis
Award of Arms Michaela of Clann O'Choda
Master of the Pelican Manfred Albrecht von Halsstern
Mistress of the Pelican Catrin o'r Rhyd Fôr
Master of the Pelican Justin du Coeur
Mistress of the Laurel Kamilla van Anderlecht

Northern Region War Camp and Royal Equestrian Championship, July 5, 2003
Award of Arms Angus Kerr
Award of Arms Donald of Casgle Craig
Award of Arms Bertram Cyrano Hercule Sauvignon du Supernault
Award of Arms Don Carlos the Ribald
Queen's Order of Courtesy Anna Herold von Ossenheim
Award of Arms Elsbeth of Mountain Freehold
Award of Arms Genevieve Cranwell
Award of Arms Katherine of House Silver Dragon
Queen's Order of Courtesy Katherine Stanhope
Silver Crescent Skya na Ruadh
Silver Crescent Brokk Jarlsson
Silver Crescent Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea
Award of Arms Marguerite Bouvier
Award of Arms Sonia del Bosque
Award of Arms Sonja, called Mama Ougley
Mistress of the Pelican Eleanor FitzPatrick
King's Equestrian Champion Eleanor FitzPatrick
Queen's Equestrian Champion Ankara Lig Niki

Southern Region War Camp, July 26, 2003
Award of Arms Johanna of Wisby
Award of Arms John of Wisby
Award of Arms Brona (of Eisental)
Burdened Tyger Merlynia of Rivenoak
Burdened Tyger Rhiannon de Licorne
Award of Arms Konrad Gabriel Haas
Award of Arms Lilly of the Valley
Award of Arms Owynn Greenwood
Tygers Cub Carolyn of House Valkyrie
Tygers Cub Guiles Campbell
Award of Arms Sean O'Suilleabhain Beirre
Award of Arms Tanczos Illona
Award of Arms Thomas Loch, called Tomaloc
Award of Arms Zoe Anastasia
Maunche Caitlyn MacKenzie
Maunche Jannequinne Richardot
Award of Arms Celia (of Eisental)
Award of Arms Anna le Claire
Burdened Tyger Eric le Claire
Burdened Tyger Constancia Aelfwine
Burdened Tyger Berelinde Cynewulfdohtor
Silver Crescent Andreas Kalisiensis
Silver Crescent Astrid Olafsdottir
Award of Arms Aegidius of Eisental
Award of Arms Cian MacFearguis
Award of Arms Diedre Lillith Nasrin, called Gypsy
Award of Arms Hildemar the Alchemist
Award of Arms Jeff the Brewer
Tygers Combattant Maximillian Delmonico
Tygers Combattant (with Award of Arms) Douglas Henry
Queen's Order of Courtesy Catriona Mairghread nic Duibh of Moray
Queen's Order of Courtesy Connaugh of Rusted Woodlands
Court Baron Tanaka Raiko
Master of the Laurel Arden of Icomb
Mistress of the Laurel Muriel de Chimay
Mistress of the Pelican Mercedes de Califia

Pennsic 32, August 12, 2003 (Tuesday)
Sagittarius Isabeil Urchardann (Beliag Urquhart)
Queen's Order of Courtesy Anne Elaina of River's Bend
Court Baron and Grant of Arms Luigj Vascili
Award of Arms Ashton Dragonheart

Pennsic 32, August 13, 2003 (Wednesday)
Baron and Baroness of Bhakail, and Grants of Arms Lorcan Dracontius and Scheherazade al-Zahira
Award of Arms Brunissende Dragonette de Broceliande
Award of Arms Jeanette of Bhakail
Royal Augmentation of Arms Valharic Caligula Aurelius
Confirmation of Gentility (AOA 1983) Nyla of Woodlyn
Queen's Honor of Distinction Robin MacLaren
Valiant Tyger Oskgar of the Wood
Valiant Tyger Angus MacClarion de Bruce
Valiant Tyger Hans ter Beke
Silver Crescent Danabren Madadh-Mara
Court Baroness and Grant of Arms Lakshmi Amman
Court Baroness and Grant of Arms Liadan ni Laoghaire
Court Baroness and Grant of Arms Svava of Carolingia
Mistress of the Laurel Camma an Daraich
Mistress of the Laurel Kay Leigh Drake
Master of the Pelican Uilliam Twit of Witlow
Mistress of the Pelican Gabrielle van Nijenrode
Mistress of the Pelican Caitlin Angharad FitzHenry

Pennsic 32, August 14, 2003 (Thursday)
Blue Tyger Legion Haus von Drachenklaue
Blue Tyger Legion Lochleven Army
Award of Arms Ruairidh MacCormac
Valiant Tyger Kenric Burn of Northampton
Queen's Order of Courtesy Renne Wyrm
Golden Rapier Christian Woolfe
Queen's Order of Courtesy Steven Renwald

Pennsic 32, August 15, 2003 (Friday)
Knight Gabriel of Maccuswell
Award of Arms Melwyn de Ferra

East Kingdom University, September 13, 2003
Burdened Tyger Padraig Dubh MacEanruig
Burdened Tyger Aoefe (of Smoking Rocks)
Burdened Tyger Tatiana Maria Consuelo Esperanza Figueron de Vivar
Burdened Tyger Aisha bint Jamil
Burdened Tyger Agnieszka Mylnarska
Burdened Tyger Katja Gordan
Burdened Tyger Darka Vadas
Tygers Cub Amanda of Caer Adamant
Tygers Cub Gretchen of Caer Adamant
Tygers Cub Jonathan of Caer Adamant
Golden Rapier Ian Raven of Tadcaster
Award of Arms Astrid Roriksdottir
Silver Crescent Olwyn ni Chinneidigh
Court Baroness, Grant of Arms Ysabella du Draguignan
Court Baron, Grant of Arms Gerard le Vert
Court Baroness, Grant of Arms Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco
Court Baron, Grant of Arms Agnar Skullesson
Court Baroness, Grant of Arms Catheryn Shadwell

Last Court, Coronation of Balfar and Luna, September 27, 2003
Queen's Honor of Distinction Max von Halstern
Burdened Tyger Alexandre Lerot d'Avigne
Burdened Tyger Mathilde des Pyrenees
Burdened Tyger Nataliia Anastasia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka
Burdened Tyger Rose Otter
Queen's Order of Courtesy Efelilian Gathfach ferch Owain ap Bleddyn ("Parsley")
Queen's Order of Courtesy Angus McClarion de Brus
Golden Rapier Ivan Ulricksson
Queen's Cypher Danabren Madadh-Mara
Queen's Cypher Morgan ap Rhys ap Bran
Queen's Cypher Nigel of Castle West
Queen's Cypher Temair inghean Muiredeach
Queen's Cypher Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen
King's Cypher Cynthia of Oakenwode ("Cynder")
King's Cypher Katherine Stanhope
King's Cypher Manfred von Halstern
King's Cypher Osgkar of the Wood
King's Cypher Rosalind Bennett
Court Baroness, Grant of Arms Ardenia Aruadh
Royal Augmentation of Arms Feral von Halstern
Master of the Laurel Karl von Süssen
Queen's Order of Courtesy Ronald Wilmot
Royal Augmentation of Arms Ronald Wilmot
Queen's Honor of Distinction Queen Roxane's Guards

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