Their Majesties of the East, Andreas II and Isabella II

September 2002 - April 2003
Chronological Tables of Awards given by the Crown
(local awards listed in rolls of orders and alphabetical lists but not here)

Coronation Court, September 28, 2002
Countess, Lady of the Rose Roxane Farabi
Count Darius Aurelius Serpentius
Queen of the East Kingdom Isabella of York
Award of Arms Gennevote du Lac
Award of Arms Jessica Buckley
Silver Crescent Gabrielle van Nijenrode
Award of Arms Robin of Forrestgate
Award of Arms Judith the Confused
Tygers Combattant Lachlann of Stirling
Award of Arms Bilgesayer the Horse Trader
Award of Arms Shaka of Campbell
Award of Arms Eilis of Eisental
Manche Brangwayna Morgan
Golden Lyre Cellach ingen Chernaig

Kingdom Crusades, October 12, 2002
Award of Arms Adolphus Xavier Benner
Award of Arms Ana bhec ighean ui Fearghail
Award of Arms Gerhard der Rote
Golden Lyre Danabren Madadh-Mara
Golden Lyre Arianwen ferch Llawen
Golden Lyre Karl Rasmussen of Tvede
Golden Lyre Cooks Guild of Bright Hills, Atlantia
Silver Crescent Estrella de los Confinos
Tygers Combattant Oskar of the Wood

Fall Harvest, October 19, 2002
Award of Arms Katherine Ashewoode
Award of Arms Robin dit Dessaint McDermott

Crown Tournament & 5th Northern Highlights, October 26, 2002
Award of Arms Lilly of Pendhill
Award of Arms Jean-Paul Justen Casse
Award of Arms Sextus Rufus Dio Sebastianus
Tygers Cub Alicia de Berwic
Troubadour Ruadh Cruidh MacFrode
Award of Arms Kristen Spinster
Award of Arms Julienne Ridley
Award of Arms Jack the Black
Silver Crescent Yelizaveta Medvedeva
Master of the Pelican Baltasar Mondragon (was: Munenaga Soiichiro)
Augmentation of Arms Marieke van de Dal

St. Martin's Day, November 9, 2002
Golden Lyre Sarah Elizabeth Dubh Sidhe
Golden Lyre Ninian Ende
Golden Lyre Gisela Szabo
Queen's Honor of Distinction Ana Ravaya de Guzman
Queen's Honor of Distinction Genevieve de Charbonneau

Hundred Minutes War, November 23, 2002
Tygers Cub Stephanie Hrelgarsdottir
Tygers Cub Emily Cassidy
Tygers Cub Samantha Cassidy
Tygers Cub Anges MacKincaid
Tygers Cub Mikkel the Builder
Award of Arms Artemis le Beau
Award of Arms Katrina de Mer
Award of Arms Thomas Graham
Award of Arms Darrel McGuinness
Award of Arms Tobyn Kembold
Award of Arms Mariette de Bretagne
Award of Arms Lorenzo Gorla
Award of Arms Elizabetta da Ravenna
Award of Arms Omelan the Left
Award of Arms Grainne ni Cearmada
Award of Arms Svala von Kegger
Award of Arms Patricio de Cordoba
Terpsichore Jane of Milford
Terpsichore Justinian Timagenes
Golden Lyre Caitlyn MacKenzie
Golden Lyre Bryn Elionnor nic Neachdainn
King's Order of Valor Lucan von Drachenklaue
Queen's Honor of Distinction Geoffrei St. Albans of Eastwood
Manche Brigitte Flamin
Manche Ruedy MacChristian
Sagittarius Alexis of Wood's End

East Kingdom University in Ruantallan, November 30, 2002
Golden Lyre Mullen McHaley
Golden Lyre Tammius Velgadus
Golden Lyre Julian de la Pointe
Golden Lyre Dunstable Peregrinator
Terpsichore Elisabeth Darnley
Tygers Cub Celia van Het Verloren Eiland
Queen's Order of Courtesy Perceval Gower
Award of Arms Erica of Ruantallan
Award of Arms Constance of White Birch
Award of Arms Mergriet de la Voye
Award of Arms Cristina of the Dragon Lily
Award of Arms Cecelia Attewode
Award of Arms Muighean Hewitt
Award of Arms Jonathan Rankin O'Rose
Award of Arms Gilbert the Short
Award of Arms Meabh am Fitcheach Dubh
Award of Arms Lachlan Macentoisch
Award of Arms Cristina inghean Mec-Bead
Award of Arms Margaret Twygge of Skye Hill
Award of Arms Aurelia de Cabria
Award of Arms Magdalena del Acqs
Award of Arms Ciorstaidh Twygge of Skye Hill
Award of Arms Algernon of Alnwick
Maunche Isobel Mowbray
Maunche Aethelstan Osricson
Maunche Isa of Ruantallan
Maunche Giles de Macei
Maunche Elise ferch Morgan ap Owen
Sagittarius Elise ferch Morgan ap Owen
Terpsichore Cailean MacKenzie
Silver Crescent Cailean MacKenzie
Silver Crescent Branwen filia Iohannes de Monmouth
Silver Crescent Gruffyd the Innocent
Silver Crescent Cealain O'Moray
Silver Crescent Wynfrith aet Huntandune
Mistress of the Pelican Elene of Lochcarron
Master of the Pelican Donal O'Conghaile
Knight Emrys Hawkwind

Mistletoe Revel, December 14, 2002
Award of Arms Aohagen Man Murcha
Award of Arms Mary Rua
Golden Lyre Prudence the Curious
Queen's Order of Courtesy Darmyn the Beastmaster
Queen's Order of Courtesy (posthumous) Etienne des Nuages
Queen's Order of Courtesy Morwyn Edain

Agincourt Memorial Tournament, December 21, 2002
Queen's Honor of Distinction John the Bear
Terpsichore Aife ingen ui'Lochain
Queen's Order of Courtesy Ateno of Annun Ridge
Queen's Order of Courtesy Ian of Clan Mitchell
Queen's Order of Courtesy Katherine Gillesfleur
Maunche Brianna McBain
Silver Crescent Jean Xavier Boullier
Mistress of the Laurel Elizabeth Cameron nic Iain

Twelfth Night (Zwolfte Nacht), January 11, 2003
Award of Arms Gunther of Bhakail
Award of Arms Melodie de l'Ours Blanc MacNaughton
Award of Arms Tiecia O'Scanlon
Award of Arms Gino Rossi
Award of Arms Ryushkin Nikkokuro
Award of Arms Marrum Graham
Award of Arms William Graham
Award of Arms Eleanora the Tilemaker
Award of Arms Isendra Dedach
Award of Arms Aiden Dendach
Award of Arms Samuel of Florence
Award of Arms Catherine of Rosedale
Award of Arms Keegan MacNaughton
Award of Arms Phillippe de Lamperiere
Award of Arms Lilia of Hartshorn-dale
Award of Arms Chiara Lucia di Nicolla
Award of Arms Cecelia of Bhakail
Award of Arms Nicholas of the North
Queen's Order of Courtesy Nicholas of the North
Queen's Order of Courtesy Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee
Queen's Order of Courtesy Tanczos Istvan
Tygers Cub Aurora DiBinco
Tygers Cub Ian Ertheshert
Terpsichore Shauna Branwen
Terpsichore Hrolfr Hrafnson
Manche Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Manche Ellesbeth Donofrey
Manche Cellach ingen Cearnaigh
Manche Krystinia le Fay
Court Baron Tristan of Lochmor
Silver Crescent Tristan of Lochmor
Silver Crescent Kolozsvart Arpad
Silver Crescent Giovanna Lamberti
Silver Crescent Aurora ffolkes
Silver Crescent Thomas the Constable
Silver Crescent Brannat Dubh
Silver Crescent Michel Wolffauer
Silver Crescent Jacqueline Helene Loisel
Silver Crescent Patricia of Tangled Wylde
Master of the Pelican Ulric von der Insel
Golden Lyre Cellach ingen Chernaig

King's and Queen's Rapier Championship, January 25, 2003
King's Champion Brokk Jarlsson
Queen's Champion Jost von Eichstadt
Golden Rapier Jost von Eichstadt
Award of Arms Matatias de domo leah le Blunde
Award of Arms Alienor of Ravenglas
Award of Arms Eularia Trewe
Award of Arms Mihangel Caer Myrddin
Queen's Order of Courtesy Wulstan of Ravenswood
Queen's Order of Courtesy Malcolm Bowman
Manche Aurelia du Coeur Sincere
Award of Arms Emeline Patterson
Queen's Order of Courtesy Edmund Patterson
Silver Crescent Ignacia el Ciego
Silver Crescent Richild la Gauchere
Silver Crescent Ricardo del Casta Verde
Silver Crescent John Lyttleton

Market Day at Birka, February 1, 2003
Golden Lyre Peregrine the Illuminator
Award of Arms Ciarnait inghean Bhroin
Award of Arms Amanda of Stonemarche
Award of Arms Gregor Elfingstone
Award of Arms Jacob Simon
Court Baroness Brianna Yseult Wyman
Queen's Honor of Distinction Anne Botman
Queen's Honor of Distinction Batujin Nasan
Queen's Honor of Distinction Brid nic Shearlais
Queen's Honor of Distinction Uilleam mac Lenna of Duchy Tarragon
Queen's Honor of Distinction A'isha bint Jamil
Queen's Honor of Distinction Tomyris of the Sauromatae
Queen's Honor of Distinction Rowena Longstrider
Queen's Honor of Distinction Michael de Calais
Queen's Honor of Distinction Mirabel Belchere
Queen's Honor of Distinction Bruinnech Longstrider
Queen's Honor of Distinction Marieke van de Dal
Queen's Honor of Distinction Sunniva Ormstung
Queen's Honor of Distinction Linden of Corleiss Arche
Queen's Honor of Distinction Christina Elizabeth Spicewell
Burdened Tyger Dorio of the Oaks
Burdened Tyger Ariadne Cecilia Caldera
Burdened Tyger Ian Gunn
Burdened Tyger Agnieszka Mlynarska
Burdened Tyger Aine Callaghan
Burdened Tyger Catherine Peacock
Burdened Tyger Anastasia of the Oaks
Burdened Tyger Andrea MacIntyre
Burdened Tyger Cealain O'Moray
Burdened Tyger Gwenwyfar Dinas Emrys
Burdened Tyger Estella du Frayse
Queen's Order of Courtesy Estella du Frayse
Queen's Order of Courtesy Kythe Szubielka
Manche Alistrina de Mann
Manche Haraldr Bassi
Manche Oksana Goncharova
Manche Tzitzakion of Sarkel
Manche Catherine Barbery
Manche Anton le Flamme de St Aubin
Manche Olaf Trollheimsfjord
Manche Thomas Greycloak
Silver Crescent Ki Lin of Carolingia
Silver Crescent Bryn Millar
Silver Crescent Christian Woolfe
Silver Crescent Hi-Yama no Kufuko Oniko
Silver Crescent Dorio of the Oaks
Silver Crescent Macsen Felinfoel
Silver Crescent Agnieszka Mlynarska
Tygers Combattant Kaltenbjorn Bowen ("Iron Dwarf")
Tygers Combattant Sigurthr Vigahamarr het Saurfotr
Master of the Laurel Christian Lansinger von Jaueregk
Mistress of the Pelican Freya Manslayer Carolsdottir
Augmentation of Arms Harold von Auerbach

Queen's Court in Carolingia, February 8, 2003
Award of Arms David Lockhart
Award of Arms Isabella de Lyon
Award of Arms Udalrich Schermer
Award of Arms Myndroh Hibernius
Golden Lyre Alethea Eastriding
Golden Lyre Phelan ab Emrys
Golden Lyre Gwen ap Madyn
Golden Lyre Orlando de Medici
Golden Lyre Duncan of Carolingia
Golden Lyre Myndroh Hibernius 
Golden Lyre Caryl de Trecesson 
Golden Lyre Lakshmi Amman
Golden Lyre Giselle Vanier
Queen's Order of Courtesy Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea
Manche Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea
Queen's Order of Courtesy Rose Otter
Sagittarius Yelizaveta Medvedeva
Queen's Order of Courtesy Adele Mallory
Troubadour Anton Winteroak
Tygers Combattant Federach mac Cian
King's Order of Excellence Luke Knowlton
Court Baron Luke Knowlton
Mistress of the Laurel Morwenna Westerne

King's and Queen's Bardic Championship, February 22, 2003
King's Champion Ana Raquel de Guzman
Queen's Champion Fine (Fiana) of Clare
Award of Arms Yseult Solaine de Loriage
Award of Arms Azalais de Fontevrault
Award of Arms Kiersten of Bhakail
Award of Arms Iuliana Rossani di Palermo
Award of Arms Selene (of An Dubhaigeainn)
Award of Arms Sorcha of An Dubhaigeainn
Award of Arms Annetta Giovanna Ciel' di Pasqua
Award of Arms Joanna called Joan
Award of Arms Daria of An Dubhaigeainn
Award of Arms Ann of Bergen
Award of Arms Orianna of Grey Fog
Award of Arms Sulis Bandru
Award of Arms Vincenzo Martino Mazza
Award of Arms Irinka z Poznania
Award of Arms Peter Bogg
Award of Arms Constance of Scutari
Award of Arms Christine McDevitt
Award of Arms Ryan McWhyte
Troubadour Elizaveta Arievna Lebedeva
Troubadour Siobhan ni Dhonnabhain
Queen's Honor of Distinction Siobhan ni Dhonnabhain
Queen's Honor of Distinction Cynon Mac an Choill
Queen's Honor of Distinction Sabine Kerbriant de Lanvaux
Queen's Honor of Distinction Solomon Gerdawr
Queen's Honor of Distinction Yaakov ish Aleph
Queen's Honor of Distinction Grainne inghen ui Bhraonain
Queen's Honor of Distinction Jannequinne Richardot
Queen's Honor of Distinction Grainne nic Cleirigh
Queen's Honor of Distinction Gianetta Lucia Alegrette
Queen's Honor of Distinction Laurelhelena of An Dubhaigeainn
Queen's Honor of Distinction Arden of Icomb
Golden Lyre Andrea MacIntyre
Golden Lyre Ragnar Two Axe
Golden Lyre Catheryn Shadwell
Queen's Order of Courtesy Friedrich of Ostgardr
Queen's Order of Courtesy Gregorio di Sicilia
Silver Crescent Adela of the Fiery Woods
Silver Crescent Petrus of the Sylvan
Silver Crescent Wulstan of Ravenswood
Mistress of the Pelican Rosalind Bennett

Cairo in Carillion, March 1, 2003
Award of Arms Imbriana de la Luna
Queen's Honor of Distinction Rhianwen o Enfys Disberod
Queen's Order of Courtesy Scheherazade Allowyna
Golden Lyre Cellach ingen Chernaig (for Egyptian embroidery)
Golden Lyre Eden (of Carillion) (for a dancing belt)
Terpsichore Farasha Joralemon
Terpsichore Genevieve Charbonneau
Silver Crescent Genevieve Charbonneau

Havre des Glaces Baronial Birthday, March 22, 2003
Award of Arms John Williams
Award of Arms Bryana Campbell
Award of Arms Jenieve MacGrail
Award of Arms Benjamin de l'Orb
Award of Arms Sophie Catherine de Montnoir
Award of Arms Luque de Montnoir
Award of Arms Feris MacGregore
Golden LyreAlienor de Falaise
Golden Lyre Ursion de Gui
Golden Lyre Murron McHaley
Golden Lyre Robin de Saint Michel
Golden Lyre Pierre le Gros
Award of Arms Kral Igorrevitch Averkii
Award of Arms Maliusha Kralika Zhera
Queen's Honor of Distinction Conrad Connor Mac Allyn
Queen's Honor of Distinction Jean-Richard Alexandre de Bois Gomin
Queen's Honor of Distinction Berengere de Cheviney
Queen's Honor of Distinction Pierre de Pradet
Queen's Honor of Distinction Roselyne de Beau-Port
Queen's Honor of Distinction Andre de Bourgogne
Queen's Honor of Distinction Francine Jacques
Tygers Cub Korgan the Young, called The Baker
Queen's Order of Courtesy Paul Andre Jacques (Pellandres dit le frere)
Tygers Combattant Mutsura Ishido
Manche Cailean O'Moray

Mudthaw, March 29, 2003
Burdened Tyger Rowen Cloteworthy
Burdened Tyger Sterling de la Rosa
Burdened Tyger Magdalena Winter
Queen's Honor of Distinction Sterling de la Rosa
Troubadour Allezabet (of Settmour Swamp)
Award of Arms Gisela Szabo
Award of Arms Rennewief Gruenwald
Award of Arms Paul Ash
Award of Arms Zakinzzah (of Settmour Swamp)
Award of Arms Xavier Matejka
Award of Arms Lehoric Silverwater du Mer
Award of Arms Ep Evan Bevan (known as Bevan)
Award of Arms Lev of Whyte Whey
Award of Arms Pascual del Mar
Award of Arms Emma Wen of Painscastle
Award of Arms Santiago de Montoya
Award of Arms Collin Monroe
Award of Arms Edmund Paterson
Golden Lyre Brenwen the Fair
Golden Lyre Eloise McBane
Golden Lyre Kis Marika
Queen's Honor of Distinction Robert of Sugar Grove
Silver Crescent Moire nic Greagair
Silver Crescent Erlan Nordenskol
Silver Crescent Uileag mac Amhairghin
Manche Sarra the Lymner
Manche Kenneth the Glass Painter
Manche Sarah Elizabeth dubh Sidhe
Court Baron, Grant of Arms Alexandre Lerot d'Avigne
Master of the Laurel Ali Abbas al Gazzaz, called Arab Boy

Last Court, April 12, 2003
Award of Arms Gabrielle of Bloodguard
Award of Arms Avraham ben Shimon ha-Granadi
Award of Arms Collin Monroe
Award of Arms Ding Li Ying
Award of Arms Amina (of Settmour Swamp)
Award of Arms Arabella von Somerfeldt
Award of Arms Gunther der Dunkle
Award of Arms Sibylla atte Blakeley
Award of Arms Uncas Deerslayer
Award of Arms Ebbheart Somerfield
Award of Arms Peter Boggs
Tygers Cub Philip (of Settmour Swamp)
Tygers Cub Ryamonda (of Settmour Swamp)
Tyger of Valor Konrad von Ulm
Queen's Order of Courtesy Peter Bogg
Queen's Order of Courtesy Eloi Abelard
Queen's Order of Courtesy Griffyn Cleisiog ap Madoc
Queen's Honor of Distinction Jael bat Baruch
Queen's Honor of Distinction Eomer Trueblood
Queen's Honor of Distinction Caitlyn MacKenzie
Queen's Honor of Distinction Shannon Gallowglass
Queen's Honor of Distinction Rashid (of Settmour Swamp)
Queen's Honor of Distinction Richard of Lough Ree
Queen's Honor of Distinction Katherine Barr of Cumberland
Queen's Honor of Distinction Otto von Ulm
Queen's Honor of Distinction Scheherezade Allowyne
Queen's Honor of Distinction Ronan Lynceus
Queen's Honor of Distinction Mercedes de Califia
Queen's Honor of Distinction Robert of Sugar Bush
Maunche Dorigen of Lewes
Burdened Tyger John Marshall of Hartshorn-dale
Burdened Tyger Althea de Grimm
Burdened Tyger Alexander MacLaughlin
Burdened Tyger Grimr Ori
Burdened Tyger Francesco de Grimm
Burdened Tyger Samuel de Bianco
Burdened Tyger Elizabet Marshall
Burdened Tyger Michel Wolffauer
Silver Crescent Olga Kaf'skaia
Grant of Arms Yseult Solaine de Loriage
Grant of Arms Allessandra de Burgos
Grant of Arms Wulstan of Ravenswood
Mistress of the Pelican Jade of Bailey
Queen's Honor of Distinction Genevieve Charbonneau
Queen's Honor of Distinction Dorigen of the Grey Gate
Queen's Honor of Distinction Mairgret of Carrigart
Queen's Honor of Distinction Joram Goldspoons
Queen's Honor of Distinction Ateno of Annun Ridge
Queen's Honor of Distinction Ailis Mac an Toisich
Queen's Honor of Distinction Gabrielle d'Outre Mer
Court Baron and Grant of Arms Omar Mohammud Mizazadeh
Court Baron and Grant of Arms Christos di Cherubino
Court Baroness and Grant of Arms Jacqueline Helene Loisel
Queen's Cypher Suzanne Neuber de Londres
Queen's Cypher Patrick McConville
Queen's Cypher Laura della Francesca
Queen's Cypher Christos di Cherubino
Queen's Cypher Ailis Mac an Toisich
King's Cypher Konrad Ulm
King's Cypher Lucan von Drachenklaue
King's Cypher Dietrich der Hammer
King's Cypher Caitlin o hAodha
King's Cypher Christos di Cherubino
Mistress of the Laurel Rhonwen glyn Conwy
Golden Lyre Anton of Winteroak
Golden Lyre Chiara da Ravenna
Golden Lyre Carolyn de la Pointe
Golden Lyre Sunniva Ormstung
Golden Lyre Harold von Auerbach
Golden Lyre Ygraine of Kellswood
Golden Lyre Christian Lansinger von Jaueregk
Golden Lyre Amber Sturmwolf
Golden Lyre Dorren of Ashwell
Golden Lyre Sarra the Lymner
Golden Lyre Eloise of Coulter

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