Equestrian Champions of the East Kingdom

Timothy II and Gabrielle II, May 28, 1998
King's Champion: Lord Julian le Scot
Queen's Champion: Cailean MacKenzie

Hanse II and Moruadh II, May 30, 1999
King's Champion: Lady Madeline Olafsdottir
Queen's Champion: Mistress Ellen du Grandchamp

Balfar III and Luna III,  May 27, 2000
King's Champion: Duke Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon
Queen's Champion: Lady Eleanor FitzPatrick

Hanse III and Olivia, May 27, 2001
Queen's Champion: Master Julian le Scot
King's Champion: Lady Elaine of Caer Llynnedd

Darius and Roxane, May 26, 2002
Queen's Champion: Lord Duncan Kerr
King's Champion: Lord Martin Quicksilver

Darius II and Roxane II, July 5, 2003
King's Champion: Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick
Queen's Champion: Hanimefendi Ankara Lig Niki

Gaufred Kelson and Geneviere, July 3, 2004
King's Champion: Duke Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon
Queen's Champion: Don Martin Quicksilver

Gaufred Kelson II and Geneviere II, June 11, 2005
King's Champion: Baron Duncan Kerr
Queen's Champion: Duke Randal of the Dark

Brion II and Anna II, June 10, 2006
King's Champion: Lady Kiena Stewart
Queen's Champion: Duchess Katherine Stanhope

Gryffith and Aikaterine, June 9, 2007
King's Champion: Sir Aengus Ó Néill
Queen's Champion: Lady Alanna of Skye

Konrad and Brenwen, July 5, 2008
King's Champion: Mistress Ellen du Grandchamp
Queen's Champion: Lady Doucette de Verdun

Andreas IV and Gabriella II, July 4, 2009
King's Champion: Duchess Katherine Stanhope
Queen's Champion: Lady Sylvia du Vey

Edward and Marguerite, May 30, 2010
King's Champion: Baroness Kiena Steward
Queen's Champion: Lady Franqueite du Grandchamp

Lucan VIII and Jana V, July 2, 2011
King's Champion: Doucette de Verdum
Queen's Champion: Geoffrey FitzGalen

Kenric and Avelina, June 16, 2012
King's Champion - Sylvia de Vey
Queen's Champion - Alanna of Skye

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