Archery Champions of the East Kingdom

June 24, 1989
Queen's Champion: Kikuchi no Tsurunaga
King's Champion: Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson

July 7, 1990
Queen's Champion: Randal of the Dark
King's Champion: Peter the Red

May 18, 1991
Queen's Champion: Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson
King's Champion: Bleiddian ap Cynin

June 27, 1992
Queen's Champion: David MacDougalls
King's Champion: William of Barnesdale

June 12, 1993
Queen's Champion: Ailean Mac an Daroch
King's Champion: Ygraine of Kellswood

June 11, 1994
Queen's Champion: Kai MacLain
King's Champion: Krakken Gnashbone

July 8, 1995
Queen's Champion: Nicetas Lecapenus of Antioch
King's Champion: Li Kung Lo

July 13, 1996
Queen's Champion: William of Barnesdale
King's Champion: Urho of the Pines

Hanse I and Moruadh I, July 12, 1997
King's Champion: Dwayne Shinnock
Queen's Champion: Ragnar Two Axe

July 11, 1998
Queen's Champion: Krakken Gnashbone
King's Champion: Kai MacLain

May 29, 1999
Queen's Champion: Geoffrei St. Alban of Eastwood
King's Champion: Li Kung Lo

Balfar III and Luna III,  June 3, 2000
King's Champion:  Mark Squirrelsbane
Queen's Champion:  Lorenzo il Confuso

Hanse and Olivia, June 16, 2001
Queen's Champion: Daniel Krakkenson
King's Champion: Herian Iarnsmidre

Darius and Roxane, July 20, 2002
Queen's Champion: Urho of the Pines
King's Champion: Calum Friseal

Darius II and Roxane II, May 24, 2003
Queen's Champion: Ramos da Vida
King's Champion:  Rupert the Unbalanced
Gaufred Kelson and Geneviere, June 5, 2004
Queen's Champion: Peter the Red
King's Champion: Krakken Gnashbone
Youth Champion: Owen Huddleston

Gaufred Kelson II and Geneviere II, June 4, 2005
Queen's Champion: Rupert the Unbalanced
King's Champion: Alexis of Wood's End

Brion II and Anna II, June 17, 2006
Queen's Champion: Goyacle'
King's Champion: Urho of the Pines

Gryffith and Aikaterine, June 23, 2007  
Queen's Champion: Rupert the Unbalanced  
King's Champion: Lewin de Partone

Konrad and Brenwen, June 21, 2008
Queen's Champion: Owen de Hudelesdun
King's Champion: Urho of the Pines

Andreas IV and Gabriella II, June 20, 2009
King's Champion: Jacob Felinfoel
Queen's Champion: Radagast (of Settmour Swamp)

Edward and Marguerite, June 19, 2010
King's Champion: Rupert the Unbalanced
Queen's Champion: Hobbe Young

Lucan VIII and Jana V, June 18, 2011
King's Champion: Kusunoki Yoshimoto - called Yoshi
Queen's Champion: Kraken

If anyone knows of an Archery Champion prior to 1989, please let me know.

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