Mochafruit Pie

Author: Justin
Serves 8-16
1 envelope Knox unflavored gelatin 2 heaping tsp instant decaf coffee
1 cup boiling water 1 6-oz pkg Double Chocolate Snackwells yogurt
4 oz. Cool Whip Free 1 Oreo pie crust
3 handfuls chocolate chips

Add the boiling water to the gelatin and coffee; stir to dissolve.  (Note that this is half the usual amount of water relative to the gelatin.)  Let cool until touchable, but do not let set.  Add the yogurt and Cool Whip to the liquid; whip with an electric mixer to blend thoroughly.  Pour into pie crust, and sprinkle in the chips (which will sink to the bottom).
Put in refrigerator, and let chill until set; serve cold.

Notes and Variations

"Mochafruit?".  For the beginning of the story, see the notes for Blotzfruit Pie.  Suffice it to say, I realized one day that, since both coffee gelatin and yogurt existed, I should be able to make a "Coffeefruit Pie", using the Blotzfruit Pie recipe.  The result was execrable, but I got stubborn, and after several months managed to come up with this rather nice mocha recipe, inspired by the original.
As described, the pie has a somewhat cream-pie texture.  For a firmer pie, add another 1/2 envelope of gelatin.  (But no more; 2 envelopes produces a rather repulsively solid pie.)
This recipe attempts to keep the calories down to the minimum.  The filling is actually extremely low-calorie; however, the Oreo crust and chocolate chips completely blow any illusions of healthiness.  C'est la vie...


Invented by Justin, based upon Blotzfruit Pie.