On Primero: Excerpt from Florio's "Second Frutes" (1591)

The following excerpt is a transcription of a transcription; I got it from Rowan Harbinger's transcription in Tournaments Illuminated #122.

S: Goe to, let us play at Primero then.

A: Let us agree of our Game. What shall we plaie for?

S: One shilling stake and three rest.

A: Agreede, goe to, discarde.

S: I vye it; will you houlde it?

A: Yea, sir, I hould it and re-vye it; but dispatch.

S: Faire and softly, I praie you. 'Tis a great matter. I cannot have a chiefe carde.

A: And I have none but coate cardes.

S: Will you put it to me?

A: You bid me to losse.

S: Will you swigg?

A: 'Tis the least part of my thought.

S: Let my rest goe then, if you please.

A: I hould it. What is your rest?

S: Three crowns and one third, showe. What are you?

A: I am four and fiftie; and you?

S: Oh! filthie luck; I have lost it one ace.