References found at EMEDD

EMEDD is an electronic database based on a list of Early Modern English Dictionaries. In that database I have found card game references in some dictionaries: John Palsgrave (1530; English-French), Thomas Thomas (1587; Latin-English), John Florio (1598; Italian-English), John Minsheu (1599; Spanish-English), Randle Cotgrave (1611; French-English), and the first full English-only dictionary, by Thomas Blount (1656).

John Palsgrave (English-French): 1530
Thomas Thomas (Latin/English): 1587
John Florio (Italian-English): 1598
John Minsheu (Spanish/English): 1599 Note: the EMEDD seems to have the transcriptions naípes and naýpes. I don't believe this is correct, as Early Modern Spanish sources have náipes, with the stress mark on the a, consistent with the pronunciation (currently Spanish has naipes, without an explicit stress mark, which according to current spelling rules produces the same pronunciation). This extremely minor mistake might be due to the EMEDD, to Minsheu, or maybe even to his major source, Richard Perceval.
Randle Cotgrave (French-English): 1611
Thomas Blount (English): 1656
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