The Felding Staff

The staff is a new acquisition of Felding's which I passed to the Steward has her badge of office. I shall mention it here because it might indeed become a tradition, in which case people will someday wonder where it came from. If it does not get passed down, people may someday wonder where it went to...

The staff originally belonged to Lord Signigraoulph of Kenmore. One day in the fall of 1987 he came by McAfee to pick up some Feldings in his car. The staff was in the car at the time, and he realized that he could not fit his passengers in the car with the staff there. Since he had been thinking about getting a new staff anyway, "Uncle Siggy" decided to abandon the old one on the sidewalk.

Some time later I came walking along and noticed this nice, smooth, tall wooden staff lying on the sidewalk outside of McAfee. Thinking that someone had lost it, I took it to my room and put up a sign at the bell desk. No one answered, to my delight. I took it with me to the Falling Leaves event, where Signigraoulph spotted it and explained where it came from.