The Felding Banner

The green and silver Felding banner is the original heraldic symbol of the borough, but it is not SCA-legal. As of this writing, a new design is in the process of being approved so that we will have a banner that conforms to the rules.

Lady Lark of Esherwood was involved in the creation of the original banner. "Taran made the banner, which has never been passed. This was not entirely our fault. Our submission was lost for two years by the then-pursuivant, whose name I won't mention. When it was unearthed again it was crushed because the rules for what you had to have on your banners had changed. Originally you had to have the laurel wreath for any subgroup. Now only baronies, or groups with a seneschal, could have a laurel wreath.

"The fox actually was a generally feminine but not necessarily prim and proper symbol. She's a vixen, or the fey fox of Felding, as she's called. Her design came from a piece of Oriental art - a screen painting, I think. In Oriental folklore the fox is actually a dangerous and mischievous spirit, far from being dainty and demure. She has the flirting pose, with her head turned over her shoulder and her tail curled around in front very neatly, which everybody found appealing.

"Green was for the suburban location. Originally we had some sort of tower in there to be Galen Stone Tower, but we had to take it out when we were advised that there was a barony with a tower on its device and it would conflict. We needed a metal, and we thought that green and gold wouldn't have as much contrast as green and silver."

In heraldic terms, the new banner design (which is not officially approved as of this writing) is vert chape barry wavy azure and argent, a vixen sejant guardant argent.