ANNO SOCIETATIS XV (June, 1980 - May, 1981)



Felding at the Gods and Goddesses Masked Ball, as remembered by Lady Lark of Esherwood:

"I was living in Dallas for that year... I remember one year for masked ball the theme was 'Gods and Goddesses.' I got a call from Arianwen, who asked, 'How many Muses were there and what were their names?' I said, 'There were nine of them, and I know about five names. Why?' She said, 'Because we want to go as the Muses to this ball.'

"It turned out that Patri had decided to come in a historical costume: Lorenzo de Medici came to a costume ball as Apollo. So, Patri was Apollo. The Muses are Apollo's daughters, so in court Patri sat surrounded by the nine Muses, and he claimed he felt like a very old man. It was quite resplendent - they were all in white with gold accents. It was very pretty."

The Gods and Goddesses Masked Ball, as remembered by Lord Taran of Windy Hill:

"The major problem which we discovered when we got to the kitchen in one of those Quad dorms was that there were no knives. So, everybody that was there, including a group of heralds having a meeting there, was sent out to their cars to get their belt knives, and we did the feast with people's belt knives."

Provost: Kathryn Morgan