ANNO SOCIETATIS XII (June, 1977 - May, 1978)


The birth of the Borough of Felding, as told by Lady Lark of Esherwood.

"I did most of the paperwork and organizing and things like that when Felding became Felding. Felding had existed before, apparently without any particular SCA name.

"We started getting together in 1977 but were not official until 1978 in the spring. The SCA recognized us long before then, but the college didn't, and the rule in the SCA is that you're not official until the college says you're official.

"The name doesn't mean anything. It has a nice sound like 'field' and countryside that we liked. The other name that was in competition was Lorica, which was a Latin variant meaning 'shield', and the idea was that Felding was sort of a refuge for ladies to pursue learning without having to pursue a religious career. Most of the places where a lady could be independent were religious organizations, and most of us didn't find that very appealing. We all wanted personas that had more to do in the secular world."

Provost: Lark of Esherwood