[NOTE: this page was by Master Steffan ap Cennydd, and the original seems to have been lost in the shutdown of Geocities. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I've copied the guts here. -- Justin]

Important Note: I use the convention that each reign is a different person, so that (e.g.) Akbar's second reign is Akbar II, not Akbar I part 2. I understand that the latter convention is used in other realms. If there is ever another king named Akbar in the East, I will list him as Akbar IV. If you object, start your own page %^).

A General Note: If I were to give a single bit of advice on the pronunciation of "foreign" names in general, it would be this: lose the broad English "a" as in "hat"! Assume that an "a" is pronounced as in "aah", not "hat", and you will do wonders for your pronunciation of these names. There are exceptions, of course, as in Maragorn and Alpin, but say AHKbar, morGAHnah, KAHdizhah, MOORahd, zheHAHN, etc. etc.

Maragorn and Adrienne [MAIR-a-gorn & ah-dree-ENN]

Bruce and Florence [BROOSS & FLAW-renss]

Alpin and Morgana [AL-pin & mohr-GAH-nah]

Akbar I and Khadijah I [AHK-bar {10} & KAH-dih-zhah]

Murad and Fatima [MOOR-ahd & FAT-imm-uh]

Akbar II and Khadijah II [AHK-bar & KAH-dih-zhah]

Rakkurai and Maureen [RAH-kur-rai & maw-REEN]

Cariadoc I and Diana I [ka-RAI-a-doc {1} & dye-ANNA]

Jehan and Lauryan [zhe-HAHN & LORRY-ann]

Akbar III and Khadijah III [AHK-bar & KAH-dih-zhah]

Finvarr and Caellyn [FIN-vahr & KAYEL-in]

Aonghais I and Alyson [AHN-gus & AL-ih-sun]

Asbjorn I and Eloise [AHZ-byorn & EL-owe-eez]

Cariadoc II and Diana II [ka-RAI-a-doc {1} & dye-ANNA]

Asbjorn II and Brekke [AHZ-byorn & BREK-uh]

Aonghais II and Ysabeau [AHN-gus & EESS-a-boe {2}]

Alaric and Yseult [AL-a-rik & ee-SERLT {3}]

Laeghaire and Ysabeau II [LAYR & EESS-a-boe {2}]

Fernando and Ianthe [fair-NAHN-doe & ee-AHN-thay {4}]

Frederick and Nicorlynn [FRED-er-ik & NIK-oar-lin]

Gyrth and Melisande [GERTH & mel-ih-SAHND]

Bertrand and Allanda [bair-TRAHND & a-LAHN-da]

Seanan and Aidan [SHAWN-un {11} & EH-den {5}]

Vissevald I and Embla [VIZ-uh-vawld & EM-bla]

Gavin I and Tamera [GAVV-in & TAM-uh-ra]

Michael and Carissa [MIKE-ul & ka-RISS-a]

Siegfried I and Wanda I [SIG-freed {6} & WAUN-da]

Aelfwine and Arastorm [ELF-wine & ARRA-storm]

Hasdrubal I and Kunegunda I [HAHZ-droo-bal & koon-a-GUHN-da {7}]

Siegfried II and Wanda II [SIG-freed {6} & WAUN-da]

Vissevald II and Mara [VIZ-uh-vawld & MAH-rah]

Viktor and Sedalia I [VIK-tor & se-DALE-yuh]

Hasdrubal II and Amber [HAZ-droo-bal & AM-ber] {14)

Hanno and Kunegunda II [HAH-no & koon-uh-GUHN-da {7}]

Morgunn I and Rowan I [MOHR-gun & ROE-un {8}]

Siegfried III and Wanda III [SIG-freed {6} & WAUN-da]

Ronald I and Bronwyn I [RON-uld & BRONN-win]

Sebastian and Sirillian [seh-BAST-chun & seh-RILL-yun]

Randal I and Marieke I [RAN-dul & mah-REE-kah]

Morgunn II and Rowan II [MOHR-gun & ROE-un {8}]

Gavin II and Sedalia II [GAVV-in & seh-DALE-yuh]

Randal II and Katherine I [RAN-dul & KATH-rin]

Morgunn III and Maurya [MOHR-gun & mah-RAI-uh]

Horic and Lea [HOHR-ik & LEE-a]

Ronald II and Bronwyn II [RON-uld & BRONN-win]

Rhys and Elaina [REESS & eh-LAY-na]

Randal III and Katherine II [RAN-dul & KATH-rin]

Balfar I and Luna I [BAL-fahr {9} & LOO-na]

Ruslan and Margaret [ROOSS-lahn & MAR-gret]

Lucan I and Jana I [LOO-kan & JAN-a]

Tsurunaga and Genevieve [tsoo-roo-NAH-ga & zhon-V'YEV]

Gregor I and Christence I [GREG-ohr & KRIS-tense]

Lucan II and Jana II [LOO-kan & JAN-a]

Gregor II and Christence II [GREG-ohr & KRIS-tense]

Timothy I and Gabrielle I [TIM-uth-ee & gah-bree-EL]

Balfar II and Luna II [BAL-fahr {9} & LOO-na]

Bjorn and Morgen [b'YORN & MOHR-gun]

Lucan III and Elspeth [LOO-kan & EL-speth]

Hanse I and Moruadh I [HAHNSS & MOHR-ah]

Lucan IV and Caitlin [LOO-kan & KATE-lin]

Timothy II and Gabrielle II [TIM-uth-ee & gah-bree-EL]

Brion and Anna [BRY-un & ANN-a]

Hanse II and Moruadh II [HAHNSS & MOHR-ah]

Lucan V {12} and Marieke II [LOO-kan & ma-REE-kah]

Balfar III and Luna III [BAL-fahr & LOO-nah]

Andreas I and Isabella I [ahn-DRAY-us & iz-a-BELL-ah]

Hanse III and Olivia [HAHNSS & o-LIV-ee-ah]

Lucan VI and Yana (Jana III) {13} [LOO-kan & YAH-nah]

Darius I and Roxane I [DAIR-ee-uss & rox-AHN-uh {15}]

Andreas II and Isabella II [ahn-DRAY-us & iz-a-BELL-ah]

Darius II and Roxane II [DAIR-ee-uss & rox-AHN-uh {15}]

Balfar IV and Luna IV [BAL-fahr & LOO-nah]

Gaufred Kelson I {16} and Geneviere I [GAW-fred KEL-sun & zhawn-a-VYAYR]

Thorvald {17} and Svava [THOR-vahld & SVAH-vah]

Gaufred Kelson II and Geneviere II [GAW-fred KEL-sun & zhawn-a-VYAYR]

Darius III and Roxane III [DAIR-ee-uss & rox-AHN-uh {15}]

Brion II and Queen Anna II [BRY-un & ANN-a]

Lucan VII {12} and Jana IV {13}

Griffith and Aikaterine [GRIFF-ith & aye-kaht-er-EEN-eh {18}]

Andreas III and Gabriella {18} [aahn-DRAY-us & gah-bree-ELL-ah]

Konrad and Brenwen [KON-rad & BREN-wen]

Darius IV & Alethea [DAIR-ee-us & al-ah-THEE-ah] {19}

Their Royal Majesties, Andreas IV & Gabriella II [aahn-DRAY-us & gah-bree-ELL-ah]{18}

Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Konrad and Princess Brenwen [KON-rad & BREN-wen]

{1} also pronounced "CARRY-a-doc"
{2} One also frequently hears "IZZ-a-boe" but Her Grace confirms that this is incorrect and that "EESS-a-boe" is the correct pronunciation.
{3} or "ee-SAULT"
{4} or "ee-AHN-tay"
{5} rhymes with "Hayden"
{6} or "ZIG-freed"
{7} -GUHN- has the sound of "oo" in "look"
{8} sometimes pronounced "roe-AIN"
{9) BAL as in "balance"
{10} Not "ACK"!
{11} Often pronounced "Shannon". Seanan actually reigned as "Setanta" (sheh-TAHN-tah) but this name was rejected by the College of Heralds during his reign.
{12} Or Lukanos V Drakonteiokeles [loo-KAHN-ose drah-kon-tay-OCK-uh-leez]
{13} Queen Jana III and IV affected the pronunciation "YAH-nah" and the spelling "Yana". It is wise to indulge royalty in these matters %^).
{14} Queen Amber's registered name was Ekaterina Amber of Tospenwood, but she used only "Amber" as her regnal name.
(15) Also frequently pronounced "rox-ah-NAY".
(16) His Majesty's full name is Gaufred Kelson von Heidelberg, and he has often been called "Kelson".
(17) Also called "Thorson" but Thorvald is his registered name.
(18) It could be argued that Queen Aikaterine is Aikaterine II, but as Queen Ekaterina Amber spelled her name slightly differently, and didn't actually use her first name at all during her reign...I'm just not going to worry about it %^). Likewise, Princess Gabriella's name is likely considered different from Gabrielle. Scribes should note though, that in Latin (e.g.) Queen Aikaterine would be Caterina III (or maybe IV if you count Queen Amber as a "Caterina") and Queen Gabriella I would be Gabriella III. But this is the stuff that only protocol geeks would worry about .
{19} TH as in "thin", not "thee" or "thick".