Their Majesties of the East, Timothy II and Gabrielle II, April 1998 -- October 1998

Chronological Table of Awards

Coronation, April 4,1998
Countess and Lady of the Rose Caitlin O hAodha
Queen's Order of Courtesy Richard of Lough Ree
Court Baroness Isabella of York
Award of Arms Elizabeth Beryl de Styles
Award of Arms Fai Lenn Dubh
Award of Arms Shevski the Wanderer
Manche Alasdair of Clan Campbell
Manche Rhiannon de Licorne
Award of Arms Teleri the Well-Prepared
Award of Arms Derek MacLeod
Award of Arms Elizabetta Mablestro
Silver Crescent Rachel of Gwynedd
Silver Crescent Griffyn Cleisiog ap Madoc
Silver Crescent Thorolf Egillsen
Award of Arms Francesco Gaetano Greco da Foresta Orientale ("Bishop")
Award of Arms Sabina von Wettin
Award of Arms Mar Sondernthuys
Burdened Tyger Sabel Saer ferch Maredudd ap Rhosier (Rosser)
Award of Arms Angharad verch Albanwyr
Award of Arms Marcus Tullius Calvus Cambrensis
Manche Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee
Queen's Order of Courtesy Albrecht von Halsstern
Award of Arms Tessa de Canossa
Award of Arms Niccolo Giovanni
King's Order of Excellence Catriona Mairghread nic Duibh of Moray
Manche Janos Paskewicz
Silver Crescent Merlynia Rivenoak
Award of Arms Gareth Grey de Wilton

Death of A Scholar, April 18, 1998
Award of Arms Kieranne ferch Lloyd
Award of Arms Christophe de Beaugency
Award of Arms Jacob the Forgotten
Award of Arms Gerwalt Kolbier

Southern Region Spring War Practice, April 25, 1998
Award of Arms Einarr Thorgrimmson
Award of Arms Seamus of Arindale
Award of Arms Celine d'Alisandre
Tygers Cub David of Montvale
Award of Arms Ann Sarasin
Award of Arms Rhedeanna (of Owl's Reste)
Awrad of Arms Niccolo Mancini
Queen's Order of Courtesy Andre Kirlov
Tygers Combattant Haakon Tryggvason
Award of Arms Antonio di Napoli
Award of Arms Armand d'Ezukadi
Award of Arms Christina Eulalia of Toledo

Crown Tournament, May 2, 1998
Silver Crescent Sean de Londres
Silver Crescent Andrea Caitlin McIntyre
Silver Crescent Elizabeth Talbot of Meath
Silver Crescent Suzanne Neuber de Londres
Silver Crescent Ateno of Annun Ridge
Award of Arms Kasimir of Ostgardr
Award of Arms Diana d'Avignon
Award of Arms Luciliana de Castilla
Award of Arms Carlin of Eastwood
Award of Arms Dagrun Stjornfroda
Grant of Arms Freya of Clan McBain
Award of Arms Joan Valcluse de Villaquemada
Award of Arms Gabrielle Santiago de Villaquemada
Troubadour Branwen of House Raven's Moon
Manche Mairgret of Carrigart
Manche Rufina Cambrensis
Manche Joshua ibn Eleazar ha-Shalib
Manche Jacqueline Loisel
Manche Avril Boulle
Award of Arms Leila O'Mordha
Award of Arms Aoife inghen ua'Lochan
Award of Arms Dietrich von Karow of Eastwood
Award of Arms Nikolaia Iosifovna de Londresova
Award of Arms Marcus de Londres
Award of Arms Lasseir ingen Aeda
Award of Arms Ben of Broken Bridge
Award of Arms Kate Cattiva of Eastwood
Award of Arms Brithwen de Bores Hulla
Tygers Combattant Derek vom Schwartzwald

Gypsies, Archers and Thieves, May 9, 1998
Award of Arms Angus Campbell of Argyl
Award of Arms Jessa of Silver Rhylle
Award of Arms Shara MacKenzie
Tyger's Cub Travis of Montvale
Tyger's Cub Conal Thorkelson
Award of Arms Ivan D. Seigorff
Award of Arms Ryan of Montvale
Award of Arms Jeremy of Montvale
Tyger's Cub Caerdyn Ambrosius
Award of Arms Meaghan of Silver Rhylle
Award of Arms Rhiannon the Anonymous of Silver Rhylle
Award of Arms Bastian von Nurnberg
Award of Arms Duncan Stuart MacBain
Award of Arms Donal of Newcastle upon Tyne
Troubadour Galen of Armagh
Award of Arms Carowyn Silveroak
Award of Arms Corwyn Ravenwing
Queen's Order of Courtesy Karl Rasmussen of Tvede
Award of Arms Seraphina of Clan MacDonald
Award of Arms Amber Macewan
Award of Arms Suleen Skye
Award of Arms Neckthin McGiver

Panteria III, May 23, 1998
Award of Arms Egile Bearsark
Award of Arms Jeffrey Miller
Award of Arms Kalf Sigurdsen
Award of Arms Muirghen Mawr
Tyger's Cub Nicola Angelica
Award of Arms Edward Newman
Award of Arms Aelish Cennedii
Award of Arms Livia of Panther Vale
Award of Arms Moira Hawthorne
Award of Arms Annys of Wyke Beck
Tyger's Cub Daniel van den Berg
Award of Arms Connor Mac Tard
Award of Arms Aline Ankyrmayden Kinnear
Award of Arms Gerhardt of Oakenwode
Terpsichore Rudth of Ruthin
Award of Arms Derfel Malory, called Scamarax Bearcatcher
Award of Arms Jordan Lovatt
Award of Arms Arianna of l'Isle du Dragon Dormant
King's Order of Excellence Wulfric Alemaker
Award of Arms Arthur of Rosemallen
Award of Arms Roland de Poitiers
Award of Arms Arramel of Panther Vale
Shield of Chivalry Thorvald Halvorssen (Thorson)
Award of Arms* Cailean MacKenzie
*reported later
King's and Queen's Equestrian Championship, May 24, 1998
King's Equestrian Champion Julian le Scot
Queen's Equestrian Champion Cailean MacKenzie
Award of Arms Elaine de Caer Llynnedd

Quest, May 25, 1998
Award of Arms Bryghan MacGuiness
Award of Arms Awndreuis of Clan Gryphon
Award of Arms Alexander macRus
Award of Arms Talmar, called Fester

Barren Sands War, June 6, 1998
Tyger's Cub Judith of Barren Sands
Tyger's Cub Rebekah of Barren Sands
Award of Arms Molly O'Reilly
Award of Arms Uileag mac Amhairghin
Award of Arms Alexander the Traveller
Burdened Tyger Morgaine Rodbjorn a Bheithir
Award of Arms Gottfried Druckhammer aus Stuttgart
Award of Arms Isabella of Haus von Halstern
Award of Arms Dietrich Schwelgengruber
Court Baroness and Grant of Arms Katherine Barr of Cumberland
Award of Arms Raffaella Leon de Navarre
Award of Arms Tessa Boncheval
Queen's Order of Courtesy Jeremiah of Brunswick
Award of Arms Nigel of Castle West
Silver Crescent Jon of the Endless Quest
Silver Crescent Duncan mac na Ceardadh
Award of Arms Marion of Oaken Glen
Award of Arms Thomas delBruc
Burdened Tyger Marion of Oaken Glen
Burdened Tyger Thomas delBruc

Champions Tourney, June 13, 1998
Award of Arms Robert of Sugar Grove
Award of Arms Martin van der Rowe
Award of Arms Burkhardt von Neuremberg
Tygers Combattant Lars Wulfsblut
King's Tournament Champion Gregor von Heisler
Queen's Tournament Champion Ronald Wilmot
Tygers Combattant Ronald Wilmot
Award of Arms Alaric the Bald
Award of Arms Jordanna of Joppa
Award of Arms Raphaella de Lyon
Award of Arms Zsofia Tyzes
Tyger's Cub Gryffydd ap Cadfael
Award of Arms Cadfael ap Madoc ap Daffydd
Court Baroness and Grant of Arms Laurenne des Vitraux
Court Baron and Grant of Arms William Montegu du Vert
Queen's Order of Courtesy Genevieve d'Anjouleme
Award of Arms Abbot Franz (of Caer Adamant)
Award of Arms Luetfried Ansbach
Award of Arms Judith of Northumbria
Queen's Order of Courtesy Luigj Vascili
Award of Arms Brian Broadaxe
Award of Arms Alison O'Moran

Northern Region War Camp, July 4, 1998
Tyger's Cub Sean of Caer Cinniuint
Award of Arms Katy the Obscure
Award of Arms Celanise Margaretta of Greyledge
Award of Arms Aschilde Shin-Kicker
Court Baroness and Grant of Arms Rosalinde de Witte
Award of Arms Renard de Cadillac
Award of Arms Gabrielle de Nevers
Award of Arms Christophe de Frisell
Golden Rapier Nataliaa Anastasia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka
Award of Arms Aidan MacLochlain
Tyger's Cub Tristan Fisher
Award of Arms Matthias Tiberius the Weasel
Award of Arms Robert of Northwuda
Award of Arms Quella of Greyledge
Court Baroness and Grant of Arms Freya Manslayer Carolsdottir
Award of Arms Sebastiano da Pachino
Award of Arms Ankara of Glenn Linn
Terpsichore Mahlika bint Ali Zibec
Award of Arms Guidrek Freyason
Troubadour Guidrek Freyason
Tyger's Cub Jason of Concordia
Manche Ekkehearte of Oakenwode
Manche Aric Arundel of the Mist
Manche Faoiltigearna Muirin ni Artain
Manche Fiona O'Maille o Chuan Coille
Tygers Combattant Herian Iarnsmidr
Tygers Combattant Kai MacLain
Mistress of the Laurel Alisoun Fortescue of Maplehurst
Mistress of the Pelican Elisheva bas Yehuda ha Cohen

Central Region War Camp, July 11, 1998
Award of Arms Mariah Miranda
Award of Arms Arab Boy
Award of Arms Valerian of Somerset
Troubadour Tommaltach mac Fiachach
Award of Arms Siusaidh Loineag
Award of Arms Sonja of the Lakes
Terpsichore Anne Elaina of Riversbend
Award of Arms Lori MacFarlane
Award of Arms Madog Tellier
Tygers Combattant Randall of Clan O'Choda
Silver Crescent Selena d'Ambra
Silver Crescent Oohashi Katsutoshi
Sagittarius Eoin MacEoghain
Sagittarius Dierdre nic Ghereghty
Sagittarius Tamar Walshman
Manche Salaamallah the Corpulent
Manche Pagan Graeme
Manche Alix de Lisieux
Baroness of Beyond the Mountain Nakamura Yuki
Baron of Beyond the Mountain Cadell ap Hobart
Court Baron and Grant of Arms Salaamallah the Corpulent
Court Baroness and Grant of Arms Gwendolyn the Oft-Put-Upon
Master of the Pelican Ailean mac an Daroch

event in Ruantallan, July 11, 1998
Award of Arms Guillaine de Gualle
Award of Arms Connail MacRaibert

Great Northeastern War XII, July 18, 1998
Award of Arms Alexandre St. Pierre
Award of Arms Jerod of Sarisberie
Award of Arms Yaakov Avraham ben-Obadiah
Award of Arms Morgana O'Seanasaigh
Award of Arms Kenelm of Tintagel
Award of Arms Minnagar of Tintagel
Award of Arms De Bra Dubois de Boufe
Tygers Cub Jonathan of Whitewood Hall
Tygers Cub Natalia Nikolaeva
Tygers Cub Krystiana Nikolaeva
Award of Arms Aethelwulf Staelcere
Award of Arms Goulhran MacGowan
Award of Arms Angus Ge Fhianna
Award of Arms Michaele Rosana Mirandola
Award of Arms William O'Reily
Award of Arms Calum MacKay
Award of Arms Marcella Neyn Gylys
Award of Arms Julia MacGyver
Award of Arms Mordred Watson
Manche Alienor dites des Trois Maisons
Manche Atarah of Montrose
Manche Kellemetlan Arpad
Silver Crescent Jehan Fitz Alan
Silver Crescent Nikolai Vladimirov
Award of Arms Thoran of Quintavia

Southern Region War Camp, July 25, 1998
Award of Arms Mary of Montvale
Award of Arms Domiana d'Acurio
Award of Arms Karina Neuwald
Burdened Tyger Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius
Award of Arms Glorianna of Clearwater
Award of Arms Jadwiga of Eisental
Award of Arms Edward Stiffhand
Court Baroness Dorren of Ashwell
Award of Arms Cerridwyn O'Doul
Award of Arms Imogen the Wyvern
Award of Arms Bardolff Karlsson
Tygers Combattant Arnulf Adler
Award of Arms Elizabeth of Rusted Woodlands
Award of Arms Kellie of Rusted Woodlands
Award of Arms Faolin MacNiel
Court Baron Mord the Green
Award of Arms Adelheid Koller von Regensburg
Award of Arms Selene Vereneau
Mistress of the Laurel Gabrielle Annora d'Outre Mer
Mistress of the Laurel Brekke Franksdottir
Silver Crescent Derek Fairhair
Silver Crescent Jehan le Batarde
Award of Arms Brigid Eryri
Award of Arms Rowan MacSith
Award of Arms Erec du Vrai Coeur
Award of Arms Raven dia Mont
Manche Anne Liese Wolkenhaar
Manche Kennard of Bath
Manche Juliana da Mestre (Julleran)
Award of Arms Tibbot of Ballyoughtera
Award of Arms Hanibal Ramirez de Jesus
Award of Arms Duncan MacGregor

East Kingdom Court, Pennsic 27, August 12, 1998
Award of Arms Vixen Alexandra Finney
Award of Arms Emrys Ransom
Award of Arms Giana Gabrielle di Milano
Manche Robert of Sugar Grove
Manche Linette de Gallardon
Manche Catriona MacLeod
Manche Achilles von Fulda
Manche Tirze bithe Reaboughes
Troubadour Ruaidhri an Cu
Award of Arms Sara Rebecca Archer
Award of Arms Theodore Ursus
Silver Crescent Rhodri Ewias
Silver Crescent Caitlin Angharad FitzHenry
Silver Crescent Brangwayna Morgan
Silver Crescent Cathleen of Greystones
Silver Crescent Viktor von dem Kleinefluesse
Silver Crescent  Alayne Alexandra Nyvern Nightwatcher
Silver Crescent Dyan O'Choda
Silver Crescent Ariana of the North
Silver Crescent Ulric von der Insel
Silver Crescent Bryn of Malagentia
Silver Crescent Miles of Whitewood Hall
Golden Rapier Enrique de Valencia
Golden Rapier Mercedes de Califia
Mistress of the Pelican Eleri of Nefyn
Master of the Laurel Rufus Thorhall
Master of the Laurel Henry Kersey of Devon
Mistress of the Laurel Su'ad

Battlefield Court (1), Pennsic 27, August 13, 1998
Award of Arms Charles von Drachenklaue
Tygers Combattant Gideon MacLeod
Tygers Combattant Gilcryst MacLochlainn
Knight Steffan von Dresden

Settmour Swamp Camp Court, Pennsic 27, August 13, 1998
Award of Arms Illana Mazdak
Award of Arms Roderick of Hastings
Award of Arms Thomas of Paulus Hook
Award of Arms Alithir a Bheithir
Award of Award Feena Eriksdottir
Award of Arms Celine a Bheithir

Battlefield Court (2), Pennsic 27, August 14, 1998
Knight Thorvald Halversson (Thorson)

Great Court, Pennsic 27, August 14, 1998
Master of the Pelican Ronald Wilmot
Mistress of the Pelican Susanna del Lago
Mistress of the Laurel Tsvia bas Zipporah Levi of Granada

unknown court, Pennsic 27, August 15, 1998*
Court Baron Havelyard of Bourne
Court Baroness Isabel of Biconyll
Manche Peotr Alexeivich
*probably not Aug. 15, but actual date and circumstances unknown
Tygers Cub Carnival, August 29, 1998
Tygers Cub Serena (of Bhakail)
Award of Arms Mairi Crauford O'Morain
Award of Arms Teran O'Raghaillaigh of Bar Haus
Award of Arms Martine de Picardy
Manche Alexandra Blacksheep

Crestfallen Tourney, September 5, 1998
Award of Arms Meadhbh Eoghann
Award of Arms Thorkild Olaffsen
Tygers Cub Basil de Lacey
Award of Arms Sichelgaita die Gerechte
Award of Arms Heidrik Skulason
Award of Arms Muireall de Chimey
Award of Arms Noel Langolier
Manche Aelfdis Graeyga
Manche Anne de Chevenbois
Mistress of the Laurel Elwynne Rowenna of Wentworth

Legends of Chivalry III, September 12, 1998
Silver Crescent  Ivan Ulrickson
Award of Arms Ingeborg Thorsdattir
Award of Arms Fenice Katherine d'Autun
Tygers Cub Lorillin of Allendorf
Tygers Cub Matfei Andreyevich
Tygers Cub Yesfir Gilarovna
Award of Arms Adele Mallory
Award of Arms Christabel Heslington
Mistress of the Pelican Eloise of Coulter
Award of Arms Niklaus Sichling von Nurnberg
Court Baroness Caitlin Davies
Award of Arms Suleiman ibn Ghazi abd al Rahima al Andalusi
Award of Arms Tahira bint Ibrahim al Fenmeri
Silver Crescent Rowan Kalkin
Silver Crescent Joseph of the Red Griffin
Award of Arms Gabriel of Maccuswell
Award of Arms Angharad of Mitgard
Award of Arms Marcel d'Armand
Master of the Pelican Oohashi Katsutoshi
Award of Arms Gulag-jab Tangghudai (Puppy)
Award of Arms Bronwyn ferch Karis
Manche Isolde of Beaumaris
Manche Christian Lansinger von Jaueregk
Manche Morwenna Westerne
Manche Aleksandr Levsha (Yevsha)
Manche Michel Almond de Champagne
Sagittarius Harold von Auerbach
Mistress of the Pelican Anastasia Guta

London 1630 (Gilded Pearl Event), September 19, 1998
Award of Arms Laurelhelena of An Dubhaigeainn
Troubadour Maria Erika von Ossenheim
Queen's Order of Courtesy Annastassja Diaz de Leon
Award of Arms Elisheva bat Moshe
Troubadour Ana Ravaya de Guzman
Manche Faoiltigearna MacQuarrie
Manche Robert Abeille
Manche Bess Darnley
Queen's Order of Courtesy Richard Blackmore
Silver Crescent Catriona Mairghread nic Duibh
Silver Crescent Isabella of York
Silver Crescent Terrence the Arcane
Silver Crescent Elwisia Mouche de Voujecourt

Lakewood Renaissance Faire, September 20, 1998
Award of Arms Ramos da Vida
Tygers Cub Rowan McKane
Burdened Tyger Alexander MacGregor
Award of Arms Ingvar Thorsteinsson (called Critter)
Award of Arms Elissa de Marmonde
Manche Brigid O'Neill
Award of Arms Quinn the Mighty
Burdened Tyger Berlinde
Silver Crescent Celyn ap Lywelln
Mistress of the Laurel Merlynia of Rivenoak

Iron Bog event, September 26, 1998
Silver Crescent Sofia Staritskaya a Rhosia
Silver Crescent Katherine Barr
Silver Crescent Lawrence Thornguard
Silver Crescent Juliana Stafford
Silver Crescent Andrei Kirlov
Award of Arms Sabine Kerbriant de Lanvaux
Award of Arms Margaret of Rusted Woodlands
Award of Arms Ng Jung Mihn
Award of Arms Mathias Tiberius, the Weasel
Manche Arden of Icomb
Award of Arms Caitlyn McKenzie
Award of Arms Linea McGill
Award of Arms Mellilah bint Yasser
Award of Arms Ian of Rusted Woodlands
Burdened Tyger Sedalia MacNare
Grant of Arms Erik Mathias Eclipea Blackheart de Mer
Award of Arms Charele of Rusted Woodlands
Award of Arms Siobhan ni Dhonnabhain
Award of Arms Tzigan Volchkovich
Award of Arms Solvig of Rusted Woodlands
Silver Crescent  Prudence the Curious
Silver Crescent Jonathan Blaecstan
Silver Crescent Ichabod the Tall
Award of Arms Isabeau Leger de Pieds
Award of Arms Zarabeth du Mer
Award of Arms Sterling della Rosa
Tygers Cub Sif Goodwin

Lyndhaven Fall Festival, September 27, 1998
Award of Arms Katherine of Lyndhaven
Award of Arms Heather of Lyndhaven
Award of Arms Robert Midnicht
Award of Arms Ane du Vey
Queen's Order of Courtesy Aldrich von Bremen
Award of Arms Alessandra Francesca di Milano
Award of Arms Gunhilda-eira-Filippini
Award of Arms Matt the Mail Maker
Award of Arms Niniae of Witch's Oak
Award of Arms Marina Francesca Giovanna de Caro
Award of Arms Liam O'Fiaranghan
Manche Edward Newman
Award of Arms Kaia Shantarra
Award of Arms Inez Lopez Cardozo
Award of Arms Silus Gordonson
Award of Arms Eleanor Kendal
Award of Arms Thomas MacVarish
Silver Crescent Dierdra of Ruantallan
Award of Arms Yang SuGyong
Award of Arms Martin Nutcrusher
Award of Arms Augustine the Incorrigible
Award of Arms Kailein of Drachenwald
Award of Arms Connor Tainter
Tygers Cub Djiril Bingler
Award of Arms Marie-Jose de Ville Champlain
Award of Arms Leif Bingler
Award of Arms Keagan Bingler
Award of Arms Gareth Grey de Wilton

Last Court, Coronation, October 3, 1998
Court Baroness and Grant of Arms Ailis Catriona mac an Toisich
Manche Jenne McGill
Manche Angelina of the Wild Roses
Burdened Tyger Mairgret of Carrigart
Burdened Tyger Thorolf Egilson
Burdened Tyger Mairi ni Raghallaigh
Silver Crescent Kathleen Conant of Dunbar
Queen's Cypher Jordanna of Joppa
Queen's Cypher Tessa Boncheval
Queen's Cypher Sonja of the Lakes
Queen's Cypher Laurenne des Vitraux
Queen's Cypher Rosalind Bennett
King's Cypher Gustav von Silberwald
King's Cypher Aleksandr Yevsha
King's Cypher William Montagu du Vert
King's Cypher Arab Boy
King's Cypher Gabriel of Maccuswell
Blue Tyger Legion Pennsic 27 Unbelted Champions Team

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