Siegfried and Wanda

April - October 1981

April 25,  Feast of St. Mark, Nithgard
Award of Arms - Kormakr Ulfshofuth

May 9, Crown Tournament, Bridge
Award of Arms - Irina Astrachovna
Troubadour - Irinia Astrachovna
Award of Arms - Asenath Camberly of Morrismount
Award of Arms - Etienne Gerard Laudonniere
Award of Arms - Estrildis ab Rhys
Award of Arms - Rollo y Rover
Terpsichore - Michaele del Vaga
Burdened Tyger - Magda z Stalburg
Burdened Tyger - Elysende Laville
Burdened Tyger - Ursula of Northwoods
Master of the Pelican - Alric Bowbreaker

May 10, Curia Regis, Bridge
Mistress of the Pelican - Morgiane de Provence

July 11, in Drachenwald
Manche - Elizabeth Ruthven nic Michael Karageorge

August 15, Pennsic X
Knighthood - Ino Ogami
Mistress of the Pelican - Jaella of Armida
Master of the Pelican - Charles Stewart O'Connor
Mistress of the Laurel - Regina de Romsey
Master of the Laurel - Cariadoc of the Bow
Tygers Combattant - Wolfe the Mighty
Fatima - Cassadoria Fiongall
Fatima - Margaretta von Gottessanger

October 3, Last Court
Master of the Pelican - Salaamallah the Corpulent
Silver Crescent - Cassadoria Fiongheli
Silver Crescent - William Widefarer
Court Baron, Grant of Arms - Stephen of Silverwing
Award of Arms - Beatrix von Wertenberg
Award of Arms - Yamamoto Sugitori
Award of Arms - Feral von Halstern
Award of Arms - Tuiren de Childgrove
Award of Arms - Rannveigr Haakonardottir
Award of Arms - Clifford of Northriding
Award of Arms - Kate Morgan
Queen's Cypher - Corwin Renwald
Queen's Cypher - Michaele del Vaga
Queen's Cypher - Jaelle of Armida