Michael and Carissa

October 18, 1980 - April 1981

Coronation, October 18, 1980 *
Queen's Order of Courtesy - Elric of Erehwon
Manche - Baschamp-Paul Montargent
Burdened Tyger - Geoffrei de Courville
* may have been given by Gavin and Tamera

Crown Tourney, in Bhakail
Master at Arms - Kobayashi Yutaka

Twelfth Night, Storvik
Silver Crescent - Jaelle of Armida
Silver Crescent - Sedalia of House Maruviel
Troubadour - Myfanwy O'Mwyle ni Cambion
Award of Arms - Myfanwy O'Mwyle ni Cambion
Award of Arms - Richard de Chalfont
Award of Arms - Elisa Caer Seren
Tygers Combattant - Tnek the Anisessetor

Drachenwald Twelfth Night, Jan. 1981
Knight - Narlech (Knarlic von Linse)
Mistress of the Laurel - Kathea von Linse
Master of the Laurel - Tuiren de Lisle
Court Baron - Charles Stuart O'Connor
Troubadour - Gwen
Silver Crescent - Charles Stuart O'Connor
Silver Crescent - Wilhelm von der Goldkuste
Manche - Regina de Romsey
Manche - Morgan Pferdezuchter
Manche - Aife, called Omadon
Manche - Catherine Delleray

Shakespeare Feast, Tir-Y-Don
Manche - Robert Chartreux of Battenborough
Court Baroness - Melissa of the Misty Mere
Award of Arms - Elain of Oaklawn

Tourney of Ymir, Windmaster's Hill
Mistress of the Laurel - Giovanna Mara Hunyadi di Ghiberti
Master of the Pelican - Robin of Mannefield

Ice Dragon, Rhydderich Hael
Knight - Barak Elandris Mago
Troubadour - Charlotte of the Misty Hills (Roen Dentilliere)
Award of Arms - Anne of Porcellus

First Event of Curragh Mor
Award of Arms - Cadwallon Rudd

Coronation of Siegfried and Wanda, Settmour Swamp
Silver Crescent - Alyson of Islay
Silver Crescent - Edward of Crofton
Award of Arms - Ingrid von Baumgarten
Award of Arms - Arianwen of Urquart
Award of Arms - Gwyneth map Llwellyn
Award of Arms - Cassandra Boell von Bayer
Award of Arms - Alizaunde de Breguf