Laeghaire and Ysabeau II

Oct 9, 1976 - April 16, 1977

October 9-10, Coronation *
Count - Alaric von Rotstern
Countess - Yseult of Orkney
Silver Crescent - Geoffrey d'Ayr of Montalban
Manche - Alia bint Ulek ibn al Kharish
Manche - Christopher of the Fields
Tygers Combattant - Alaric von Rotstern
Tygers Combattant - Fernando Salazar y Perez
Award of Arms - Danamas Icarus of Starlinghurst
Award of Arms - Dungael of Galloway
Award of Arms - Devona de Elva v Groves
Award of Arms - Thorvald Thorbjornson
Award of Arms - Walter de Montagne
Award of Arms - Gwendolyn de Montagne
Award of Arms - Feirifiz ac Zygmundt
Baroness - Tamera FitzGloucester of the White Boar
Baroness of Storvik - Ysabeau Cameron of Lochiel
Burdened Tyger - Danamas of Starlinghurst
Fatima - Kathryn Goodwyn

January 8, Twelfth  Night
Grant of Arms - Aravis del Clare
Grant of Arms - Vuong Manh
Award of Arms - Joanna Dudley
Award of Arms - Sigismund Vasa Care
Award of Arms - Marjorie of Ruthiemurches
Patent of Arms - Yseult of Orkney
Award of Arms - Robin of Manfeld
Award of Arms - Arianna of the Golden Dagger
Court Baroness - Tamera FitzGloucester of the White Boar

January 22, St. Agnes Revel, Dragonship Haven
Award of Arms - Richard of Rideja

January 29, Oriental Feast, Isenfir
Award of Arms - Heltar the Exile

February 19, Tourney of Ymir, Windmaster's Hill
Baron Windmaster's Hill - Brian Maolcaoin
Award of Arms - Aultain Moira O'Linnala
Award of Arms - Ysar de la Nuit Blanche

March 5, Kingmaker Tourney, Canton of Tir-Y-Don
Award of Arms - Geoffrey Thomas Paget of Cam

March 26, in Storvik
Prince of Atlantia - Alaric von Rotstern
Princess of Atlantia - Yseult of Orkney
Award of Arms - Philippus Barbarus

April 16,  Last Court, Carolingia
Award of Arms - Franque ui Cruthnye
Award of Arms - Evart of Bangor
Award of Arms - Algernon Hartesmond
Award of Arms - Seamus Mac Curiadh of Glenerochaidh
Award of Arms - Allyn O'Dubhda, called Macemaker
Fatima - Alyson of Islay
Grant of Arms - Berowne of Arden
Queen's Order of Courtesy - Vuong Manh, Mandarin Second Class
Burdened Tyger - Edward of Crofton
Burdened Tyger - Melisande de Belvoir
Burdened Tyger - Geoffrey d'Ayr
Silver Crescent - Frederick of Holland
Silver Crescent - Jehan de la Marche

* Note that their Coronation award list does not differentiate by monarch; it is possible some of these awards were given by their predecessors, Alaric and Yseult.