Gyrth and Melisande

April 1, 1978 - October 14, 1978

Coronation, April 1, 1978
Count, Patent of Arms - Frederick of Holland
Countess, Patent of Arms - Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr
Award of Arms - Starulf Haraldson of Ravenspur
Award of Arms - Friederich vonder Delft
Manche - Muirean nic Ruadhri
Manche - Anne of Hatfield
Silver Crescent - Arastorm the Golden
Silver Crescent - Anne of Hatfield
Court Baron, Grant of Arms - William de Montgilt
Mistress of the Laurel - Peridot of the Quaking Hand

Crown Tournament, May 6, 1978
Award of Arms - Brytor Aison of Devon

Tourney of Love and Games, June 10, 1978
Silver Crescent - Marian of Edwinstowe
Award of Arms - Ehrengard von Verlorenblum
Award of Arms - Tomas de Chamberlaine de la Rose Argent
Award of Arms - Caryl de Trecesson

Champion's Tourney, June 17. 1978
Knight - Kennegrae Gilchrist  (previously knighted in the Midrealm.  Reconferred. [?])
Tygers Combattant - Aeleric Basiliskus

Interkingdom Peace, July 1, 1978
Mistress of the Laurel - Alia Vacare
Manche - Sigismund Vacare
Award of Arms - Galleron de la Chennille

At the Pennsic War
Knight - HRM Gyrth Oldcastle of Ravenspur (by the King of Meridies, at the request of the Eastern Chivalry)
Knight - Strykar Langtaller
Master of the Pelican - Vuong Manh
Mistress of the Pelican - Marian of Edwinstowe
Dragon's Tooth (Midrealm) - Jahn of Outman
Award of Arms - Freyjaetha na Barra
Award of Arms - Gisela die Gelind

August 18, 1978 in Ostgard
Tygers Combattant - Thomas de Chamberlaine de la Rose Argent
Award of Arms - Martin du Montrier sur Mer

Last Court, October 14, 1978
Award of Arms - Josef Khaidus
Award of Arms - Alayne Alexandra Nyvern, Nightwatcher
Award of Arms - Gavin, Black Hound of the Horn
Award of Arms - Magdalene of the Unicorns
Award of Arms - Brigid of Bethany
Award of Arms - Irena von Schmetterling
Award of Arms - Elsbeth of Northumbria
Award of Arms - Lys d'Arras
Award of Arms - William Widefarer
Award of Arms - Roderick MacFarlane of Glenfiddich
Award of Arms - Yanima of Krakow
Burdened Tyger - Aaron the Stygian
Burdened Tyger - Magdalene of the Unicorns
Burdened Tyger - Gavin, Black Hound of the Horn
Burdened Tyger - Brigid of Bethany
Burdened Tyger - Irena von Schmetterling
Burdened Tyger - Elsbeth of Northumbria
Manche - Aidan ni Leir
Silver Crescent - Alric Bowbreaker of the High March
Silver Crescent - Patri du Chat Gris
Baron Thescorre - Alric Bowbreaker of the High March
    (and elevation of Thescorre to Barony)
Master of the Pelican - Berowne of Arden
Grant of Arms - Fedelm ni Uidhir
Master of the Pelican - Cariadoc of the Bow (exchange from Order of the Laurel)