Gavin and Tamera

April 19, 1980 - October 18, 1980

Coronation, April 19, 1980 *
Award of Arms - Umbar Thundercaller
Award of Arms - Charlotte of the Misty Hills
Manche - Gregory von Lucida
Manche - Cassadoria Fionn-Ghail
Manche - James O'Neill
Tygers Combattant - Morgan Argente Elandris
Tygers Combattant - Atai Yoshina
Fatima - Elfrida Peregrina
Mistress of the Laurel - Alyson of Islay
*some of these awards might have been given by Vissevald and Embla

Shakespeare Feaste, April 26, 1980
Award of Arms - Melissa of the Misty Mere
Manche - Brytor Aison of Devon
Queen's Order of Courtesy - Tnek the Anissestor
Queen's Order of Courtesy - Ann Ethridge of Somerset
Fatima - Ann Ethridge of Somerset

Crown Tournament, May 10, 1980
Award of Arms - Erbert de Gilbear
Award of Arms - Thalysar of Erin
Award of Arms - Clarissa Elena

Eleanor of Aquitaine Tourney, May 31, 1980
Award of Arms - Andreas Hak
Award of Arms - Svidrir Elnarsson
Award of Arms - Tamara la Gracieuse

Bishop Geoffrey's Melee Tourney, June 7, 1980
Award of Arms - Cinhil MacAran
Award of Arms - Frieden von Modoc
Award of Arms - Margaretta Ariel

Royal Progress [no reports]
Tyger in Summer, July 4-6
White Rose Tourney, July 12
Diamond Joust, July 19
Queen's Progress north of Carolingia, July 26

Baronial Champions Tourney (Rhydderich Hael), September 6, 1980
Award of Arms - Zahava Tchauchik
Award of Arms - Sylvana Dagfinsdottir
Award of Arms - Rosamond Mableswin Entenheales
Award of Arms - Norman the Norman
Award of Arms - Bedawyr of Avaricum
Award of Arms - Elennar Linwen
Burdened Tyger - Michaele del Vaga
Burdened Tyger - Annelise Dagfinsdottir
Burdened Tyger - Daedra McBeth a Gryphon
Silver Crescent - Morgan Argente Elandris