Aonghais and Alyson

Sept. 16, 1973 - Apr. 20, 1974

September 16, Pennsic II
Crowned: Angus the Black of the High Place and Alyson of Islay

November 17
Moira Maureen ua Seamus of the Green Hills - Mistress of the Laurel
El of Two Knives - Master of the Pelican

Jan. 5, at Twelfth Night in Ostgardr
Patri du Chat Gris - Court Baron
Gregory von Lucida - Baron of Bhakail
Andros ap Anlawdd - Knight
Brak of the Eagle's Eyre - Award of Arms
Garanhir of Ness - Award of Arms

Feb. 11 or 16 [records vary], in Carolingia
Marian of Edwinstowe - Mistress of the Laurel
John of Canterbury - Award of Arms

Mar. 23, at the Tournament and Feast in Bridge
Garanhir of Ness - Knight

Apr. 6 at Tournament, in Myrkewoode
Volf of Novgorod - Court Baron
Robert de la Tor Fraisse - Baron of the Debateable Lands

Apr. 20 in Bhakail at the Coronation of Asbjorn and Eloise
Alfgar the Sententious - Master of the Laurel
Barbara du Lac - Silver Crescent
Alaric of Uwef - Award of Arms
Zaragoza San Solomon Puertolano de Belacazar - Award of Arms
Tcipakkan Arastorm (Arastorm the Golden) - Award of Arms
Rorik of Harcourt - Award of Arms
Aelfwine Dunedain - Award of Arms
Robin Crosspatch - Award of Arms
James the Fair - Award of Arms
Morgiane de Provence - Award of Arms
Elspeth of Morven - Award of Arms
Maria of Oxenford - Award of Arms
Ruissart McEth of Strathnaver - Award of Arms
Kathryn Fitzroy - Award of Arms
Cassandra of Beth'lem - Award of Arms