Their Majesties of the East, Andreas and Isabella

September 2000 - April 2001
Chronological Tables of Awards given by the Crown
(local awards listed in rolls of orders and alphabetical lists but not here)

First Court, Coronation, September 30, 2000
Award of Arms Aurelian Tolbarry
Award of Arms Georges Tolbarry
Award of Arms Gwendolen Lambert
Award of Arms Patrick McConville
Terpsichore Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
Award of Arms Rosa de Cavallo, called Briar
Troubadour Rosa de Cavallo, called Briar
Award of Arms Ze'ev ben Arye
Troubadour Ze'ev ben Arye
Award of Arms Alastar O'Rogan
Award of Arms Padraig ne Kilkenny
Silver Crescent Pagan Graeme
Silver Crescent Donnan of the Whispering Wode
Award of Arms Wolfgang der Sucher
Award of Arms Jane of Milford
Mistress of the Laurel Avril Boulle
Award of Arms Charles Raven

Kingdom Crusades, October 7, 2000
Golden Rapier Martin Quicksilver
Tygers Cub Ep Evan Bevan
Award of Arms Kayla
Silver Crescent Susanah la Flor
Award of Arms Belleza de la Rosa

Fall Harvest, October 14, 2000
Award of Arms Sorcha of Mountain Freehold
Award of Arms Aelfwyn of Mountain Freehold
Award of Arms Eleyne de Combourg
Queen's Honor of Distinction Joan Steward
Award of Arms Giselle Vanier
Award of Arms Eric of Bristol
Queen's Order of Courtesy Freya Manslayer Karolsdottir
Golden LyreAlienor de Falaise*
*reported as a correction
Fall East Kingdom University, October 21, 2000
Queen's Order of Courtesy Thailyn MacAusland
Award of Arms Ruby (of Northpass)
Silver Crescent Brianna McBain
Award of Arms Bambar Ghoa

Crown Tournament, October 28, 2000
Prince Hanse von Drachenklaue
Princess Olivia Graeme
Shield of Chivalry Thorvald Sigurdsson
Award of Arms Korin of Thunder Mountain
Award of Arms Dragor Martel
Award of Arms Eirikr Bjarnarson
Award of Arms Travis of Malagentia
Tyger Cub Jordan MacGyver
Award of Arms Ilene Lindsay of Crawford
Award of Arms Quentin of Malagentia
Troubadour Cara ni Cheallaigh
Award of Arms Marcus Blackheart
Manche Eleri of Nefyn

Schola for the Lost, November 4, 2000
Award of Arms Danae of Athens
Award of Arms Domnall of Gotland
Queen's Order of Courtesy Tirza bithe Reaboughes
Silver Crescent Elsa de Lyon

Hundred Minutes War, November 18, 2000
Award of Arms Fujimaki Tosaburo Hidetora
Award of Arms Thorgrim Defender
Award of Arms Otto Mueller
Troubadour Jehanne de Wodeford
Award of Arms Janette Matiste
Award of Arms Brenwen the Fair
Manche Drulina Drulet
Manche Kenrick Burne

Ruantallan event, November 25, 2000
Troubadour Uiliam O'Fiaranghan
Troubadour and Award of Arms Rachel of Ynys y Gwaed
Award of Arms Eluned of Avon
Award of Arms Teagara Angelus
Award of Arms Morgan Hawkwind
Award of Arms Thorgar of Ynys y Gwaed
Queen's Honor of Distinction Enna Bonetrader
Queen's Order of Courtesy Gwenhwfar Dinas Emrys
Award of Arms Tor of Mercia
Tyger's Cub Marsha of House Blackwood
Tyger's Cub Christina of House Blackwood
Tyger's Cub Morgaine of Skye
Award of Arms Raven of Skye
Award of Arms Siegfried the Rover
Manche Andrew of York
Manche Liam McHaley
Manche Cathleen of Greystones
Silver Crescent Francesca Laura di Firenze

St. Andrew Stays Home, December 9, 2000
Queen's Order of Courtesy Ervald la Coudre the Unlucky
Award of Arms Katerina of Amerium
Award of Arms Catrina ab Aqua
Award of Arms Gregorio de Sicily
Award of Arms Hagan von Diejager
Award of Arms Isabella de Burgundy von Diejager
Queen's Order of Courtesy Eleanor the Fair
Award of Arms Rolanda Justine
Award of Arms Wolf of Eastwood
Tyger's Cub Isaac Cricketsson
Award of Arms Robert Hawkwood
Award of Arms Amber Hawkwood
Queen's Honor of Distinction Geoffrey St. Albans
Award of Arms Magnus Sverre Haakonson de Londres

Mistletoe Revel, December 16, 2000
Award of Arms Magdalena Winter
Award of Arms Helena of Barren Sands
Award of Arms Giovanni of Barren Sands
Silver Crescent Michel l'Espiegle
Award of Arms Otto Ulm

Twelfth Night, January 13, 2001
Award of Arms Volodimir Aleksandrovich Guslyar iz Novgoroda
Court Baroness, Grant of Arms Eleanor the Faire
Award of Arms Agatha Roise Campbell
Court Baron, Grant of Arms Dietrich von Hammer
Award of Arms Margaret Lucienne d'Ischie
Award of Arms Boal Mergen
Award of Arms Melisande of the Gryphon Wood ("Plunder")
Award of Arms Jenna Childslayer
Court Baron, Grant of Arms Gunther Englehaus
Court Baron, Grant of Arms Richard of Lough Ree
Award of Arms Stephanous Tuner
Award of Arms Brynn Eilionoir nic Neachdainn
Award of Arms Katheryne aff Kringskiep
Award of Arms Harold of Eastwood
Troubadour Stephanous Tuner
Troubadour Melisande de Palma
Troubadour Volodimir Aleksandrovich Guslyar iz Novgoroda
Troubadour Bryanna O'Conghaile
Troubadour Kyran O'Conghaile
Terpsichore Sabine Kebriant de Lanvaux
Award of Arms Katarina von Freiburg
Award of Arms Bianca von Freiburg
Award of Arms Robin Goodfellaugh
King's Order of Excellence Gunnar the Smith
Silver Crescent Emma Attewater
Silver Crescent Isabeau d'Orleans
Silver Crescent Connaugh of Rusted Woodlands
Tygers Combattant Tanczos Istvan
Manche Gianetta Alegretta
Manche Caterina Gioacchini
Manche Latif
Manche Liesl Leuters
Manche Sinora of the Later Hours
Manche Maddalena Salutati
Augmentation of Arms Tristan von Halstern
Mistress of the Pelican Marguerite of Stirlingshire
Mistress of the Pelican Mairgret of Carrigart
Master of the Laurel Ateno of Annun Ridge
Mistress of the Laurel Paigan Crawford

Academy of the Rapier, in AEthelmearc, January 20, 2001
Queen's Order of Courtesy Edana Aldys Hawkins

Bellringers, January 27, 2001
Award of Arms Fergus O'Farrell of Fenwick
Award of Arms Alionora inghean Pilib O'Corcrain
Award of Arms Aarron the Arrowsmith
Award of Arms Antonio Bonetti
Terpsichore Aminah al Zahra
Terpsichore Perizad ya bint al Hawa
Award of Arms Safia al-Khansa
Award of Arms Graine inghean ui Bhraonain
Award of Arms Ketill Errickson
Award of Arms Enoch MacBain
Manche Kamilla van Anderlecht
Manche Muriel de Chimay
Award of Arms Sarah Elizabeth Dubh Sidhe
Award of Arms Chamberlain Dubh Sidhe
Award of Arms Adlid Feie
Award of Arms Deirdre Gervais de la Vallee
Queen's Order of Courtesy Alric the Blue
Award of Arms Rosemielia de Lanora
Award of Arms Allesandra aBurgos
Award of Arms Qutudei Ba'Arin
Silver Crescent Malcolm Bowman
Silver Crescent Mercedes de Califia

Market Day at Birka, February 3, 2001
Award of Arms Pyra de Belasko
Award of Arms Cadnar de Belasko
Award of Arms Magnus Lucius Castus
Award of Arms Christina Elisabeth Spicewell
Award of Arms Kynar ap Llantwit
Award of Arms Catherine Barbary
Tygers Cub Rikki-Lynn Choinski
Tygers Cub Kendra Fey Choinski
Manche Murshida bint Saffiya al Andalusi
Silver Crescent Aurelia de Stellar
Tygers Combattant Alexander de Hauteville
Court Baroness Morwynna Cryw
Court Baron Olaf of Trollheimsfjord

Carolingia Celebrates the Arts (30th Anniversary), February 3, 2001
Award of Arms Alexander the Landless
Award of Arms Matilda of Carolingia
Award of Arms Hrelgar den Igelkottson
Award of Arms Lakshmi Amman
Terpsichore Lakshmi Amman
Award of Arms Duncan Stewart
Award of Arms Johanna le Mercer
Award of Arms Charles Zanos
Award of Arms Fabrisse ter Brugghe
Tygers Cub William Marshal of Nordenhal
Award of Arms Nicola Angelico
Award of Arms Stephen (Duncan) of Carolingia
Award of Arms Jeramin du Lac
Award of Arms Federach of Carolingia
Queen's Order of Courtesy Robin MacLaran
Burdened Tyger Alayne Alexandra Nyvern Nightwatcher
Burdened Tyger Ariella of Devonshire
Burdened Tyger Seraq, Barok's Penance
Burdened Tyger Brigitte Flamin
Burdened Tyger Zachary Wolfhunter
Burdened Tyger Roger Blackmoore
Burdened Tyger Catalina d'Oro
Burdened Tyger Johanna le Mercer
Burdened Tyger Hrelgar den Igelkottson
Burdened Tyger Robin MacLaren
Burdened Tyger Ailionora inghean Ronan
Award of Arms
Ailionora inghean Ronan
Burdened Tyger Charles Zanos
Burdened Tyger Fenice d'Aix
Burdened Tyger Ignatia Ursula of Concordia
Burdened Tyger Godelieve Davyson of Salisbury
Burdened Tyger Margarita Kofinopoia
Burdened Tyger Keara (of Nordenhal)
Award of Arms Liadin ni Laoghaire
Award of Arms Rhonwen Glyn Conwy
Award of Arms Victoria de Witte
Silver Crescent Rose Otter
Silver Crescent Johann the Alchemist

Love Elizabethan Style/Bardic Champions, February 10, 2001
Award of Arms Yisreal Adam ben Laser
Award of Arms Katrina MacAulish
Award of Arms Brianna MacKinnon
Burdened Tyger Olga Kaf'skaia
Terpsichore Sterling de la Rosa
Award of Arms Calogero Urso
Award of Arms Erica of the Crimson Nape
Award of Arms Sharon Dunmore
Queen's Order of Courtesy Dorigen of the Grey Gate
Court Baron, Grant of Arms Cahan Kyle
Award of Arms Ian Dunmore
Silver Crescent Elizabeth Rosa della Morta
Silver Crescent Danae of Athens
Silver Crescent Maria Erika von Ossenheim
Manche Lorin of the Dual Masque
Queen's Bardic Champions Gerilyn Fjorden and Dubbeasa
King's Bardic Champion Dorigen of the Grey Gate
Mistress of the Laurel Failtigearna ingen uí Artáin

Mudthaw, March 10, 2001
Award of Arms Ana Lais de Llerna
Award of Arms James of House Arindale
Award of Arms Douglas the Indecisive
Award of Arms Gwenhwyvar Telynores
Award of Arms Ronan Oberon Lycenus
Award of Arms Gail of Forestgate
Award of Arms Elanor Callaghan
Award of Arms Garret a'Bhethir
Award of Arms Peppin a'Bhethir
Award of Arms Damiana the Unnamed
Award of Arms Alexander o Caonhealbhain
Award of Arms Devra the Baker
Queen's Order of Courtesy Michael MacIan
Manche Brighid ni Chearan
Manche Arab Boy
Manche Erik Rodbjorn
Silver Crescent Elspeth Gweledydd
Silver Crescent Richard the Poor

Northern Lights, March 24, 2001
King's Champion of Fence Martin Quicksilver
Queen's Champion of Fence Connor McGillivray
Golden Rapier Alexander Lerot d'Avigne
Golden Rapier Ricardo de Castel Verde
Golden Rapier Nigel of Castle West
Golden Rapier Jon of the Endless Quest
Award of Arms Ada inghean Taran
Silver Crescent Margarita Kofinopoeia
Queen's Honor of Distinction Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka 
Manche Wulfric Alemaker
Manche Elke Vulpone
Mistress of the Laurel Elene of Lochcarron

Baronial Investiture Anniversary (Havre des Glaces), March 31, 2001
Troubadour Theotime de Poitiers
Award of Arms Szika (of Havre des Glaces)
Burdened Tyger Thibault de Montfort
Burdened Tyger Vincent Garmallon
Award of Arms Galbraith MacGowan
Queen's Order of Courtesy Cairn MacAllister
Award of Arms Sally MacGowan
Award of Arms Stephan von Hapsburg
Award of Arms Arnault de Montguyon
Award of Arms Eleonore di Torcello
Manche Arthur de Beaumont
Award of Arms Emrick MacWilson
Award of Arms Ysabeth La Fee
Tygers Combattant Conrad Connor MacAllyn
Grant of Arms Fina Cael ingen Ui Madadain
Grant of Arms Quentin de Soisson

Last Court, Coronation of Hanse and Olivia, April 21, 2001
Award of Arms Genevieve de Montford
Award of Arms Vienna de Mer
Troubadour Karl Aerdigwidder van Zauberberg
Award of Arms Jonathan Woodstone of Urso
King's Order of Excellence Francesco Gaetano Greco de Edessa
Award of Arms Luis de Castilla
Burdened Tyger Katerina Illova Vladimirov
Award of Arms Giselle Gillemoud
Award of Arms Ingred Ulm
Queen's Order of Courtesy Thomas of Northpass
Queen's Order of Courtesy Aurora Ffolkes
Queen's Order of Courtesy Brangwayna Morgan
Queen's Order of Courtesy Gustav von Silberwald
Queen's Order of Courtesy Robert Abeille
Award of Arms Ebbheart Sommerfield
Award of Arms Vladimir Bathory
Silver Crescent Iseabeil (Beileag) Urquhart
Silver Crescent Patrick McConville
Award of Arms Brendan Firebow
Award of Arms Godieva Eclipea Blackhert de Mer
Manche Dinsdale of Northumbria
Award of Arms Reichert (of Bloodgard?)
Award of Arms Sofonisba della Rosa
Award of Arms Eden McTarran
Award of Arms Tuya of the Silver Horde
Award of Arms Cristos (of ?)
Court Baron, Grant of Arms Otto Ulm
Award of Arms Suikazura (of ?)
Mistress of the Pelican Nakamura Yuki
Court Baroness Suzanne Neuber de Londres
Queen's Honor of Distinction Prudence the Curious
Queen's Honor of Distinction Rosalind Bennett
Queen's Honor of Distinction Harold von Auerbach
Queen's Honor of Distinction Gabrielle van Nijenrode
Queen's Honor of Distinction Katherine Gillesfleur
Queen's Honor of Distinction Cahan Kyle
Queen's Honor of Distinction Ygraine of Preston
Queen's Honor of Distinction El of Two Knives
Queen's Honor of Distinction Morwynna Cryw
Queen's Honor of Distinction Aetheric Lindeberende
Queen's Honor of Distinction Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen
Queen's Cypher Laurenne de Vitraux
Queen's Cypher Angus Campbell of Argyl
Queen's Cypher Patrick McConville
Queen's Cypher Jacqueline Helene Loisel
Queen's Cypher Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen
King's Cypher Uilliam Twit of Whitlow
King's Cypher Raven dia Mont
King's Cypher Jenna McGill
King's Cypher Asbjorn Johanson
King's Cypher Lars Wulfsblut

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