Awards given in the courts of Akbar III and Khadijah

6 January 20 May 1973

January 6, Coronation/Twelfth Night, in Myrkewood *
Silver Crescent - Alfgar the Sententious
    "(This order has absorbed the previous Order of the Golden Dragon, and members of the O.G.D. were therefore awarded the O.S.C.  These included El of the Two Knives, Seneschal, and Aravis Del Clare, Foreign Minister.)"  Pikestaff, Vol 2, No. 1, 10 March 1973
Knight - Asbjorn Gustafson of Roed, called Haarfagr

20 May 1973 at the Coronation of Finnvarr and Caellyn

Award of Arms Alain du Rocher

Grant of Arms El of the Two Knives; Alfgar the Sententious; Balin the Fairhaired

Patent of Arms Jehan de la Marche

* Coronation Day awards may have been presented by either the outgoing or incoming Crowns.