Their Majesties of the East, Lucan V and Marieke II, September 1999 – April 2000

Chronological Tables of Awards given by the Crown
(local awards listed in rolls of orders and alphabetical lists but not here)
First Court, Coronation, 9/25/1999
Duke Hanse von Drachenklaue
Duchess Moruadh of An Tir Caillte
Award of Arms Gavin MacGregor
Award of Arms Jem Ak'ka
Court Baroness Elspeth Starwatcher
Tygers Combattant Ankara of Glenn Linn
Award of Arms Lydia Rayn Watson
Troubadour Cairn MacAllistair
Troubadour Conrad Connor MacAllyn
Court Baron Conrad Connor MacAllyn

Kingdom Crusades, 10/9/1999
Blue Tyger Legion Bloodguard

Crown Tournament, 10/30/1999
Award of Arms Nanosh Curraco
Award of Arms Alexander MacIan
Terpsichore Alexander MacIan
Terpsichore Ann Sarasin
Award of Arms Amber MacEwan
Award of Arms Artain ni Farganum
Silver Crescent Antonio di Napoli
Silver Crescent Linette de Gallardon
Troubadour Cahan Kyle
Award of Arms* Eireannach O'Hanley
*correction submitted 3/01
For Their Majesties' Pleasure, 11/6/1999
Award of Arms Horsa the Lost
Award of Arms Rowan de Beaucharlay
Award of Arms Katherine of Cheshire
Award of Arms Gavriel (of Northern Outpost)
Award of Arms Olaf MacBroome
Award of Arms Matthias von Drachenfang
Tygers Cub Cariadoc (of Northern Outpost)
Award of Arms Ian MacDonald
Award of Arms Moira MacDonald
Award of Arms Eren O'Kerrigan
Award of Arms Owain y Gwier
Award of Arms Grace Cecil
Award of Arms Ethan MacPharlain
Queen's Honor of Distinction Angharad o'r Rhosyn ferch Rhain
Award of Arms Donal O'Conghaile1
(1)  presented in Skraeling Althing by TRM Ealdormere by request of TRM
Hundred Minutes War, 11/20/1999
Award of Arms Mared Caradwen ap Penllyn
Award of Arms Emrys ap Morgan
Award of Arms Shann O'Niall
Queen's Order of Courtesy Seraq Barok's Penance
Award of Arms Gilford Rosemont
Sagittarius Ramos da Vida
Sagittarius Connor O'Caelleigh

End of the World EKU, Ruantallan, 11/27/1999
Award of Arms Enna Bonetrader
Award of Arms Haemish of Wolfsgate
Award of Arms William de Lancton
Award of Arms Bruce the Unwary
Manche Douglas Sheepstealer
Award of Arms Connor MacRandall
Award of Arms Rebecca Gwlad y Haf
Award of Arms Theotime de Poitiers
Award of Arms Gruffyd the Innocent
Award of Arms Guillaume le Blanc
Award of Arms Liam O'Rourke
Silver Crescent Connor MacRaibert
Silver Crescent Elise ferch Morgan
Silver Crescent Elene of Locharron
Award of Arms Oenghus Mac Eoghanan
Mistress of the Laurel Elisabeth Darnley
Master of the Laurel Edward Newman

Bridge Birthday, 12/4/1999
Silver Crescent Clotilde von der Insel
Silver Crescent Avelina Keyes

Twelfth Night, 1/8/2000
Award of Arms William the Crippler
Silver Crescent Matsuyamagi no Mokurai
Tygers Cub Tina of An Dubhaigeainn
Tygers Cub Flora Wulfstansdottir
Tygers Cub Etienne Armand Emrys Aleron
Award of Arms Robert FitzThomas
Queen's Order of Courtesy Jean Xavier Boullier
Award of Arms Christopher Hughes
Award of Arms Fiona the Volatile
Manche Isabeau d'Orleans
Tygers Combattant Gottfried Kelson
King's Order of Excellence Aleksandr Ruslanovich
Master of the Pelican Cahan Kyle
Award of Arms Katherine of Thameside2
Award of Arms Drogo of Lympha Profunda2
 (2) presented in Ruantallan by the Baron and Baroness at request of TRM
Twelfth Night in Dragon Dormant, 1/15/2000
Award of Arms Mathurin Kerbouchard
Award of Arms Anghall O'Fearghail
Award of Arms Mafety Magas
Queen's Honor of Distinction Heloise de Castillones
Queen's Honor of Distinction Isabella des Loups
Award of Arms Armina des Loups
Queen's Honor of Distinction Armina des Loups
Award of Arms Augustus the Bowyer
Award of Arms Aloysius of Dragon Dormant
Award of Arms Joane Steward
Burdened Tyger Livia of Vindolanda
Burdened Tyger Mutsura Ishikago no Ishido
Award of Arms Nomar Firekeeper
Award of Arms Illona of Polgar
Award of Arms Allan McCleod
Award of Arms Serafina de Laurentis
Award of Arms Aurielle de Garande
Award of Arms Keara of Oakenwode
Manche Gerhardt of Oakenwode
Award of Arms Aonghais of Ar n-Eilean-ne
Award of Arms Hamish Shaw
Award of Arms Hans der Vogeljager
Market Day at Birka, 2/5/2000
King's Rapier Champion Dylan ap Maelgwyn
Queen's Rapier Champion Alexander d'Avignon
Golden Rapier Jehan FitzAlan
Award of Arms Degen aus Nierenstein
Award of Arms Tryphena Locke of Wolfswood
Award of Arms Thaddeus of Stonemarche
Award of Arms Adrianna d'Ebbonois
Award of Arms Detharlion of Nottingham
Troubadour Tristan the Harper
Manche Sunniva Ormstung
Manche Anne Elaina of Rivers Bend
Manche Sinric Mailweaver
Manche Anson Gleowyn
Manche  Lilliana of Cinnamon Grove
Award of Arms Aislinn (of Stonemarche)
Award of Arms Muirne ni Cormaic
Tyger's Cub Jacqueline Stanhope
Award of Arms Anders Boutman
Silver Crescent Catrin o'r Rhyd For
Silver Crescent Aine Callaghan
Silver Crescent Chiara of Ravenna
Silver Crescent Coenric of Scarborough Marsh
Award of Arms Melisande de Turenne
Award of Arms Adelaide Donnachaidh
Mistress of the Laurel Bryn de la Luna
Mistress of the Pelican Ygraine of Kellswood
Dragonship Haven Baronial Investiture, 2/12/2000
Court Baroness Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys of Gwynnedd
Court Baron with Grant of Arms Josef Gajdos
Court Baroness Aislinn Finnvanna of Leioness
Silver Crescent Arianne of Clann O'Choda
Silver Crescent Morgan de Villarquemada
Silver Crescent Tamar Walshman
Baron of Dragonship Haven Morgan de Villarquemada
Troubadour David the Tinker
Queen's Order of Courtesy Catherine du Fay
Award of Arms Leon the Navigator

Carillion Investiture, 2/26/2000
Baron of Carillion Alasdair MacLeod
Baroness of Carillion B'Elanna de Rouge
Court Baron Bartholomew Knowles
Court Baroness Amsha al-Sirhan
Tyger's Cub Katherine Morrigan O'Griobhtha
Tyger's Cub William the Swift
Tyger's Cub Rebecca of Carillion
Award of Arms Lisa of Carillion
Award of Arms Alaric the Blue
Award of Arms Rhys ap Ieuan
Burdened Tyger Sean de Londres
Burdened Tyger Bree the Unobtainable
Shield of Chivalry Andreas der Eisfalke
Award of Arms Colin MacKinnon
Award of Arms Torquil dan MacNeil
Award of Arms Tiurdach ic Erc
Manche Cynthia du Pré Argent
Manche Lettice Peyton of Ashdown
King's Order of Excellence Fujiwara no Aoi
Court Baron Nicetas Lecapenus of Antioch
Court Baroness Katherine Flannery

King's & Queen's Bardic Championship 3/11/2000
King's Bard Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg (Sir Fum)
Queen's Bard Aurelia du Vrai Coeur
Queen's Honor of Distinction Isabella d'Allaines-sur-Conte
Silver Crescent Katy the Obscure
Tyger's Cub Cassandra Michelle MacShea
Award of Arms Collwen Glynmes
Award of Arms Andreus Vincenzo Scapucci
Award of Arms Abel of Regnesfolc
Troubadour Aidan MacLochlainn
Queen's Order of Courtesy Dresden Penello de Quadro Voce
Queen's Order of Courtesy Mathgamain O'Brien
King's Order of Excellence Torvald Sigurdsson
Grant of Arms Elspeth Starwatcher
Manche Ana Ravaya de Guzman
Award of Arms Bethoc MacDuff
King's Order of Excellence George Emerson True

Mudthaw (Court of Irik and Merlynia) 3/18/2000
Award of Arms (by permission of TRM) Eric the Wandering Horseman

Havre des Glaces Baronial Investiture, 3/25/2000
Award of Arms Dreux le Mailleur
Award of Arms Murron McHaley
Award of Arms Tacharan MacGowan
Terpsichore Marie-Jose de Ville Champlain
Troubadour Marie-Jose de Ville Champlain
Award of Arms Tristan de la Valliere
Award of Arms Philippe de Cherbourg
Manche Fogara MacGowan
Award of Arms Shane Patrick
Award of Arms Egill McHaley
Award of Arms Vivianne de Pibreu
Burdened Tyger Dugan MacGowan
Burdened Tyger Godfroy Garmallon
Award of Arms Tarah MacGowan
Award of Arms Philomene de Narbonne
Queen's Order of Courtesy Tokigata Tajima
Award of Arms William McHaley
Award of Arms Angus McHaley
Award of Arms Saenevar (of Havre des Glaces)
Award of Arms Karel von Orly
Burdened Tyger Gruffyd the Innocent
Burdened Tyger Cealian O'Moray
Burdened Tyger Elene of Locharran
Silver Crescent Allan MacGowan
Award of Arms Mederic de Lancroix
Award of Arms Aubree de Gui
Award of Arms Ursion de Gui
Award of Arms*
Mickael Duquesne
Troubadour Otto von Schubertus von Koln
Baron of Havre des Glaces and Grant of Arms Godfroy Garmallon
*missing from original court report, award confirmed by Duchess Marieke
Northern Lights, 4/1/2000
Award of Arms Calla of Malagentia
Award of Arms Mickel von Salm
Award of Arms Aethelfirth of Malagentia
Burdened Tyger A'isha bint Jamil
Burdened Tyger Agnieszka Mylnarska
Burdened Tyger Catherine Peacock
Award of Arms Catorina da Tamarina
Award of Arms Collette of Endewearde
Award of Arms Lucas Blackbowe
Award of Arms John Wardboise
Award of Arms Arianna Fortunado
Troubadour Arianna Fortunado
Award of Arms Melisande du Roché

Last Court, 4/8/2000
Master of the Laurel Roderick of Basing
Award of Arms Pierre de Tours
Court Baroness, Grant of Arms Ekaterina von Drachenklaue
Grant of Arms Cenwulf Bearwes
Court Baroness Madeline Olafsdottir
Court Baroness Mutsura Ishikage no Ishido
Queen's Order of Courtesy Nikolai Vladimirov
Sagittarius Bianca Gabrielle di Solari
Sagittarius Avelina Keyes
Master of the Pelican Dylan ap Maelgwyn
King's Cypher Jana von Drachenklaue
King's Cypher Constantinius von Drachenklaue
King's Cypher Kenric Burne
Queen's Cypher Cenwulf Bearwes
Queen's Cypher Elke Vulpone
Queen's Cypher Mirabel Belchere
Queen's Cypher Caitlyn MacKenzie
Queen's Cypher Elazar ha-Kanay
Queen's Order of Courtesy Elazar ha-Kanay

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