Their Majesties of the East, Konrad II and Brenwen II

October 2009 - April 2010
Chronological Tables of Awards given by the Crown
(local awards listed in rolls of orders and alphabetical lists but not here)
First Court, Coronation, October 3, 2009
Duchess Gabriella von Ulm
Golden Lyre Isabele de Bayonne
Queen's Order of Courtesy Angus Kerr
Queen's Order of Courtesy Joseph the Bold
Tygers CubRhys-ap-Joseph
Award of ArmsMikulaj von Meissen
TroubadourMacsen Felinfoel
MauncheEirikr Thorisson
Royal Augmentation of ArmsJacqueline Helene Loisel

Known World Academy of the Rapier & Known World Costume Symposium, October 10, 2009
Queen's Honor of Distinction Elizabeth Talbot of Meath
Golden Lyre Briony of Chatham
Golden LyreAlistrina de Mann
Queen's Order of CourtesyJean-Paul Ducasse
Queen's Order of CourtesyEdmund the Lame [of An Tir]
Silver RapierBrendan Firebow
Silver CrescentKhioniya Nikolaevna Ryseva
Silver CrescentDafydd Cyhoeddwr

Ghosts, Ghouls & Goblins, October 24, 2009
Award of Arms Katarina Zubovolok
Queen's Honor of Distinction Zoe Anastasia of Carillion
Queen's Honor of DistinctionRupert the Unbalanced
Queen's Order of CourtesyKis Maria, called Mika
Queen's Order of CourtesyMark Squirrelsbane
SagittariusErasmus Urswyc

Crownn Tournament, October 31, 2009
Prince Edward Grey of Lochleven
Princess Meggie inghean Lachlainn
Admiral of the ArmiesLucan von Drachenklaue
Shield of ChivalryJulien Lapointe
King's Order of ExcellenceIrayari Vairavi
Award of ArmsEmengar la fileresse
Burdened TygerSymonne de Villeneuve
Queen's  Honor of DistinctionToi Poisson de Mortagne
SagittariusAleksei Dmitriev
MauncheEva Woderose

Fasching/Baronial Investiture (Endless Hills, AEthelmearc), November 7, 2009, court of HRM Brenwen
Queen's Honor of Distinction Gunnarr of Endless Hills
Queen's Honor of DistinctionRhiannon le Meke, called Banshee

St. Andrews Visits Iceland, November 7, 2009, court of HRM Konrad
Award of Arms Alissenda la Gailharda
Award of Arms Branimira of the Isles
Award of ArmsDavid Vazquez de Valencia
Award of ArmsMiquel d'Avinhon
Grant of ArmsPeter of Hawkwood

St. Elegius A&S Competition and Schola, November 14, 2009
Award of Arms Kathryn Elizabeth Lyons Ramsey
Queen's Honor of Distinction Isabella d'Aillaines-le-Comte
Queen's Honor of DistinctionKendrich Kennethson called Darren
Golden LyreTristan de Warrell
Golden LyreYsabella du Draguinan
GawainNicholas Poissonier

Hundred Minutes War Continues, November 21, 2009
Award of Arms Guillermo Busquetta
Queen's Honor of Distinction Lily of Penhille
Award of ArmsDunchad Bjarnarson
Award of ArmsKryimsson Aghxford Draco Feuerdrachen, called Aghx ("Ox")
Grant of ArmsRhiannon Blaecstan

Herne the Hunter, November 28, 2009
Burdened Tyger Juliana d'Avignon
Queen's Honor of Distinction Margaret Twygge of Skye Hill
Silver CrescentBriana inghean Douglas
Silver CrescentEadwynn aet Hraefneshyrste
MauncheD'Unstable Peregrinator

Bhakail Yule, December 5, 2009
Gawain Branson the Younger
Queen's Honor of Distinction Scheherazade al-Zahira
Golden LyreElizabet Marshall
Master of the LaurelAlexander Younger

Twelfth Night, January 16, 2010
King's Champion of Arms Oscad de Segovia
Queen's Champion of Arms Roger Stockton
Tygers CubOwen ap Dafydd o Llyn Cwellyn
Burdened TygerJean Xavier Boullier
Queen's Honor of DistinctionWilliam O'Donovan of Monmouth
Tygers CombattantMatthew Moraveous Avdenmork
Mistress of the LaurelNest verch Tangwistel
Market Day at Birka, January 30, 2010
Award of Arms Brian mac Domhnaill
Kingdom Augmentation of Arms Mark Squirrelsbane
Queen's Honor of DistinctionSvava S÷lgadˇttir
Award of ArmsRufus Bowie
MancheJeanne de Robin
MancheEfa verch Cynan
MancheFreyger­r in stˇrrÓ­a Halladˇttir
Silver CrescentGwenhwyfar Dinas Emrys
Silver CrescentAlethea Eastriding
Silver CrescentAldrich von Bremen
Silver CrescentCatherine Greene
Silver CrescentToi Poisson de Mortagne
TroubadourWashu of Tir
TroubadourTerran of Tir
Tygers CombattantSimon Gwyn of Lochleven
Court Baroness, Grant of ArmsHedewigis OckenfŘ▀in
Mistress of the LaurelBriony of Chatham

East Kingdom Bardic Champions, February 20, 2010
King's Bard Aoife ingen Conchobair
Queen's Bard Grimm the Skald
Queen's Order of CourtesyGuy Cheveux de Guise
Queen's Honor of DistinctionAlayne Alexandra Nyvern Nightwatcher
King's Esteem of MeritEmeline Patterson
Burdened TygerGideanus Tacitus Adamantius
Queen's Order of Courtesy(Annabella )Christos di Cherubino
Golden LyreSol la Cantor (Esmeralda la Sabia)
Queen's Order of CourtesyToki Redbeard

King's & Queen's Fencing Champions, February 27,  2010
King's Rapier Champion Jean Paul Ducasse
Queen's Rapier Champion Donovan Shinnock
Queen's Honor of DistinctionAntonio Patrasso
Burdened TygerCollin Monro of Tadcaster
Burdened TygerGriffith Davion
Grant of ArmsMalcolm Bowman
Grant of ArmsOwyn Greenwood

Festa di Michelangelo / King's and Queen's Arts & Sciences Championship, March 6, 2010
King's Champion Iheronimus Bruckner
Queen's Champion Alys Attewater
Golden LyreErmengar la fileresse
Tygers CubHannah of Endewearde of House du Vey
Golden LyreEva Woderose
Golden LyreDamiana di Crescienzo
Award of ArmsKatherine O'Brien
Silver RapierTristan le Sauvage
Silver RapierEnzo Fishmonger
King's Esteem of MeritEva Woderose
Award of ArmsBeatrice Lili
Award of ArmsGhita di Solari
Award of ArmsOwyn Clarwynn
King's Esteem of MeritJulien Lapointe
MauncheAnneke of Flekkeroy
MauncheAonghas mac Labhruinn de Brus
Silver CrescentAstrid Sigrun Ulfkillsdottir
Silver CrescentSylvia du Vey
Silver CrescentAurelia Rufinia
Mistress of the LaurelEleanor Catlyn

Gulf Wars, in Gleann Abhann, March 20, 2010*
Queen's Order of Courtesy Mary Grace of Gatland
Tyger of Foreign Legions Brannat Dubh, called Raven
Tyger of Foreign LegionsAndreas der Eisfalke
Tyger of ValorAndreas der Eisfalke
*date approximated

Mudthaw, March 27, 2010
Tygers Combattant Sterling de la Rosa
Award of Arms Perote Gormal Campbell
Burdened TygerDanabren Madadh-Mara
Burdened TygerDietrich Schwelgengrńber
Court BaronessCellach ingen Chernaig
Award of ArmsYsmay de Lynn
Golden LyreRagnveig Snorradottir
Golden LyreErec le Clair
Golden LyreBiya Samafujan
Silver CrescentLassar ingen Aeda
King's Esteem of MeritOscad de Segovia
Queen's Honor of DistinctionJan Janowicz Bogdanski
Queen's Honor of DistinctionEva Woderose
Grant of ArmsValdimarr Thorbane
Master of the PelicanJames Hawk Galloway
Master of the PelicanJean Xavier Boullier

Last Court, April 10, 2010
Award of Arms Lothar Zorn
Award of Arms Elise of Stonemarche
Award of ArmsSile Bowie
Queen's Order of CourtesyLuke Knowlton
Silver RapierCamille des Jardins
Queen's Honor of DistinctionAgnieszka Mylnarska
Queen's Honor of DistinctionCaranwyn Silveroak, called Carowyn
Queen's Honor of DistinctionJuliana von Altenfeld
Queen's Order of CourtesyViennet de la Mer
Silver CrescentGabriella de Bas Serra
Silver CrescentDiomedes Sebastianus
Silver CrescentEmma MacMinn
King's Esteem of MeritEllesbeth Donofrey
Grant of ArmsEmeline Patterson
Tyger of the EastWilliam O Donovan of Monmouth, called Liam St Liam
Queen's Honor of DistinctionKaterina de la Bere
Queen's Honor of DistinctionCateline la Broderesse
Queen's Honor of DistinctionMark Viere
Queen's Honor of DistinctionCamille des Jardins
Queen's Honor of DistinctionErikr Thorson
Queen's CypherMalcolm Bowman
Queen's CypherCellach ingen Chernaig
Queen's CypherViennet de la Mer
Queen's CypherSuzanne Neuber de Londres
Queen's CypherJean Xavier Boullier
Queen's CypherKhioniya Nikolaevna Ryseva
Queen's CypherOwynn Greenwood
Queen's CypherAstrid Sigrun Ulfkillsdottir
Queen's CypherEva Woderose
Queen's CypherJulien Lapointe
King's CypherEllesbeth Donofrey
King's CypherAstrid Olafsdattir
King's CypherJehane de Fenwyk
King's Cypher١rlaeifr hvitskegg
King's CypherKatherine O'Brien
King's CypherWilliam O Donovan of Monmouth
King's CypherEmeline Patterson
King's CypherAlesone Gray of Cranlegh

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