Order of the Silver Feather

Service award of the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

Other recipients not reported.  (Corrections/roster invited, please email!)

06/2000   Uther Shieldbreaker
04/2001  Catriona MacDuff
04/2001  Uther Shieldbreaker
02/17/2007  Peter Bog
02/17/2007  Erin of Sky
02/17/2007  Muirdeach of Carrigart
03/21/2009  David Vazquez de Valencia
06/11/2011  Ronan Fitz Robert
06/11/2011  Lady Anorra
06/11/2011  Alissenda la Gailharda
10/15/2011  Ronan Fitz Robert
10/15/2011  Joel Fitz Robert
10/15/2011  Enraig the Bonesetter
11/12/2011  Elisaid of Ayreshire