Order of the Friends

given by the Barony of Concordia of the Snows

11/21/1998  Jacques Phillipe Touson de la Champagne
11/21/1998  Kassair ni Deoraine
03/20/1999  Ashildr Shinkicker
05/30/1999  Crispin the Pitiless
05/30/1999  Coofwin Glenmass of House Wind Dragon
12/06/2006  Mahr (of Concordia)
02/10/2007  Gunther Englehaus
05/24/2009  Joel of Vestfell
05/24/2009  Katrusha the Skomorokh
05/24/2009  Rose Storie MacTherion
05/24/2009  Sionead MacPhie
05/24/2009  Olivia de Bourough
06/27/2009  Christopher of Anglespur
06/27/2009  Rhys ap Joseph