Tyger of the East

The Tyger of the East may be awarded by the Crown to the individual who most embodies and personifies the ideals of the East Kingdom.

06/14/2003  Harold von Auerbach
10/02/2004  Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen
10/30/2004  Marieke van de Dal
09/24/2005  Katherine Barr
03/25/2006  Brid nic Shearlais
09/30/2006  Randal of the Dark
09/15/2007  Edward Zifran of Gendy
04/12/2008  Caitlin Davies
09/27/2008  Lucan von Drachenklaue
10/25/2008  Katherine Stanhope
10/03/2009  Alys Mackyntoich
04/10/2010  William O Donovan of Monmouth, called Liam St Liam
04/02/2011  Feral von Halstern
01/28/2012  Vissevald Selkirkson
07/14/2012  Krakken Gnashbone