Order of Artemis

"...for prowess in combat archery on the field of battle, who have demonstrated service to the Kingdom such as marshalling, commanding, building equipment, teaching and service to the Queen on and off the field."

Created March 24, 2007 by Lucan VII and Jana IV

03/24/2007  Julien de Lapointe
07/14/2007  Cynder of Oakenwode
08/08/2007  Richard of Woodbridge
10/25/2008  Holt Kincaid
10/25/2008  Bjorn Urho of the Pines
10/25/2008  Uilleam Mac Lenna'n
10/25/2008  Tobyn Kembold
08/06/2009  Treacaigh O Suilleahbain of Woodenbridge
09/26/2009  Simon Red Beard