Order of Gawain

East Kingdom Order of Honor for Youth Martial Activity

10. - Order of Gawain (Established by Gryffith and Aikaterine, April 22, A.S. 41).
a. - The Order of Gawain may be awarded by the Crown to honor and recognize those young people, up to and including the age of 17, who have distinguished themselves by acts of valor, honor, chivalry, courtesy, and leadership within a youth martial activity.
b.- The Crown may, at Their discretion, request comment from the appropriate Marshalate regarding candidates for this award.
c.- The recipient of this award is entitled to wear on the left arm a green garter charged with a gold mullet.
d.- The Companions of this Order will be bound, insofar as they are able, to maintain and encourage the standards of the Order within the youth martial community.

05/12/2007  Christopher Serpentius
05/12/2007  Angus Caed Chathach
05/26/2007  Njall Randvesson
05/26/2007  Daigoro
05/26/2007  Daniel Bishop
05/26/2007  Ajax of Panthervale
05/26/2007  Galen Stout
05/26/2007  Rowan Gwinyth Daigon / Brooke Fowler
05/26/2007  Lillian Stanhope
05/26/2007  Franqueite du Grandchamp
06/23/2007  Wulfwyn aet Maeldun
07/14/2007  Dan of Barony Beyond the Mountain
07/21/2007  Peaches of Rusted Woodlands
11/17/2007  Duncan of Settmour Swamp
01/05/2008  Ella Kieransdottir
01/26/2008  Genoa Scherbatskaja
01/26/2008  Kamaitachi Taiko
01/26/2008  Logan Smith
01/26/2008  Thrace (of Stonemarche)
01/26/2008  Tetsu (of Stonemarche)
02/09/2008  Sophia von Eisental
02/09/2008  Valrick the Wanderer
03/29/2008  Benjamin Three Knives
05/10/2008  Berkhommer (of Barren Sands)
07/12/2008  Thereon Colosa
01/31/2009  Rowan of Dragon's Heorth
01/31/2009  Vincent of Dragon's Heorth
04/18/2009  Elizabeth Pleyledere
07/11/2009  Yul of Winding Waters
07/18/2009  Gunther of Bhakail
11/14/2009  Nicholas Poissonier
12/05/2009  Branson the Younger
05/29/2010  Kaleb of Endewearde
05/30/2010  Weehafoc of Panther Vale
07/10/2010  Matthew MacGyver
03/26/2011  Ivarr of House Silverkeep
04/02/2011  Nimrod of Dragon's Heorth