The Tyger of Foreign Legions*

The Tyger of Foreign Legions (established by Gaufred Kelson and Geneviere d’Alsace, June 19, A.S. 40.

a. The Tyger of Foreign Legions may be awarded by the King and Queen to any  East Kingdom
gentle that has demonstrated exceptional martial prowess on the field, field support, staff, or other gentles who support the East Kingdom  at events held in another Kingdom.
b. A Gentle may receive the Tyger of Foreign Legions Distinction more than once, and no upper or lower limits on the number to be awarded per reign will be imposed.
c. A scroll is optional.
*sometimes referred to as "The Foreign Tyger"

09/24/2005  Gulugjab Tangghudai
09/24/2005  Feral von Halstern
09/24/2005  Luis de Castillo
09/24/2005  Turc Mac Kinnon
09/24/2005  Cullyn Mac Kinnon
09/24/2005  Darius Aurelius Serpentius
09/24/2005  Gaufred Kelson von Heidelberg
09/24/2005  Ejin
09/24/2005  Dharr al-Shaatir ibn Abd al-Muntaquim
09/24/2005  Cett Donegal
09/24/2005  Aquila
09/24/2005  Mord the Green
09/24/2005  Wulfbrand Weigand
09/30/2006  Uilleam mac Lennan
03/20/2010  Brannat Dubh called Raven
03/20/2010  Andreas der Eisfalke