Vadim Sajir
  08/08/2008  Award of Arms
Vairavi, see Irayari Vairavi
Val of Arx Ventus
  11/22/2003  Award of Arms
Valdain Jensine

  01/07/1989  Award of Arms
Valdaric of Esdraelon
  04/24/1976  Award of Arms
Valdimarr Thorbane
  03/27/2010  Grant of Arms
  07/05/2008  Award of Arms
  10/08/2011  Valdimarr Thorbane
Valdis of Gotland
  09/30/2000  Companion of the Manche
  04/27/2002  Queen's Honor of Distinction (Roxane)
Valdis von Saxony
  07/15/1988  Award of Arms
Valdr Greenway
05/26/2007  Award of Arms
*Valentina Barrow
09/24/2005  Grant of Arms
  09/24/2005  Court Baroness
  07/23/2005  Award of Arms
Valeria Laskaris

  03/05/2005  Baroness L'Ile du Dragon Dormant
  03/05/2005  Grant of Arms
  03/05/2011  Court Barony
  05/04/2002  Award of Arms
Valeria Prima
   09/18/2010  Award of Arms
Valerian of Somerset
  08/12/2010  Grant of Arms
  08/12/2010  Court Baron
  01/31/2009  Companion of the Silver Crescent
  07/11/1998  Award of Arms
  04/28/2002  Companion of Perseus (Carolingia)
  08/02/2009  Companion of the Daystar (Carolingia)
Valerie del Varra
  05/29/1999  Award of Arms
Valerin of Ayer
  09/22/2001  Award of Arms
*Valerius Fidelis Camerinus ("Cameron")
  03/08/1987  Knight (Ansteorra)
  03/08/1986  Iris of Merit (Ansteorra)
  04/14/1984  King's Gauntlet (Ansteorra)
  04/14/1984  Award of Arms (Ansteorra)
  07/01/1989  Sable Falcon (Ansteorra)
  07/25/1987  Lion of Ansteorra
  08/18/1990  Court Baron (Ansteorra)
  10/12/1985  Sable Thistle (Ansteorra)
*Valery Eugenia Fitzgerald
  03/10/1990  Award of Arms
  10/09/1993  Companion of the Burdened Tyger
  10/23/1988  Companion of the Bronze Tower (Swamp)
  08/13/2006  Baroness's Silver Ring (Iron Bog)
  08/04/2007  Companion of the Silver Martlet (Iron Bog)
  08/07/2011  Baroness's Silver Ring (Iron Bog)
*Valgard Northern
  07/22/1995  Award of Arms
*Valgard Stonecleaver
  08/27/1994  Jarl (West)
  05/18/1991  Viscount (Mists)
  07/07/1990  Knight (West)
  12/14/1985  Leaf of Merit (West)
  05/02/1987  Rose Leaf (West)
  03/21/1981  Award of Arms (West)
  06/22/1991  Commendabilis (West)
  08/23/1997  Knight Bannerette (West)
  07/04/1987  Order of Valor (West)
  06/23/1990  Wreath of Chivalry (West)
  09/24/2005  Queen's Order of Courtesy (East)
  05/04/1991  Muckin’ Great Clubbe (West)
  04/30/1988  Queen’s Cypher (Anastacia, West)
  ??/??/1983  Queen’s Guard (Lachlin, West)
  01/04/1986  Queen’s Guard (Verena, West)
  06/24/1989  Queen’s Guard (Sophie, West)
  06/23/1998  Queen’s Guard (Verena, West)
  05/05/1985  Pied d’Argent (West)
  11/17/1990  Golden Branch (Mists)
  05/18/1991  Princess' Favor (Megan, Mists)
  11/01/1986  Lord Defender of Cynagua
  11/02/1985  Black Swan (Cynagua)
  07/16/1983  Cynaguan Guard
  01/28/1984  Cynaguan Guard
  08/20/1983  King's Huscarls (West)
  08/17/2000  Defender of the West
  02/12/2012  Order of the Sea-Lion (Ostgard)
Valgeirr of the Mountain Freehold
  05/04/2002  Companion of the Tygers Combattant
  07/10/1993  Award of Arms
  09/28/2002  Queen's Honor of Distinction (Roxane)
Valonia McMagan
  11/26/1994  Award of Arms
Valrick the Wanderer
  02/09/2008  Companion of Gawain
*Valtaire Cromis of Morganwind

  03/20/1982  Award of Arms
Vanda bint Kian
  01/03/2004  Companion of the Manche
  04/03/2004  King's Cypher (Balfar IV)
Vanessa de la Poste du Fouet
  10/29/1983  Award of Arms
  01/14/1984  Companion of the Burdened Tyger
*Vanessa Silverstar
  08/25/1984  Award of Arms (West)
Vanye Stonebreaker
  10/10/1981  Award of Arms
Varakii Varenko Vlkavich
  11/26/2005  Companion of the Manche
*Vardak Mirceavitch Basarabov of Iloi

  07/12/1970  Court Count
  07/12/1970  Grant of Arms
Vargas of Mactores Romae
  07/03/2010  Award of Arms
Vashti Morgansdottir
  05/28/1994  Award of Arms
  09/25/1993  Companion of the White Oak (BBM)
*Vasilisa Fedorova
  06/21/2003  Award of Arms
Veleda of Malagentia
  07/11/2009  Award of Arms
  Veleda y du March
  09/18/2010  Queen's  Honor of Distinction (Marguerite)
Venturi Carozzoni
  02/08/1986  Award of Arms
*Vera z Czezecze
  10/23/1982  Award of Arms
Verminard von Shrakenburg
  07/24/1999  Award of Arms
Vern Foxworthy
05/01/2004  Award of Arms
Verona Winter
  06/06/2009  Award of Arms
Veronica Celeste Rosso

  07/27/2002  Award of Arms
Veronica de Mornay
  09/24/2005  Companion of the Burdened Tyger
Veronica of Malagentia
  07/17/2004  Award of Arms
*Veronica of Manchester
  01/13/1990  Award of Arms
  Veronica Vesalius
  09/18/2010  Tyger's cub
Vetorrio Antonello
03/04/2006  Award of Arms
Vibeke Dejlie Steinnsdottir
  05/01/2010  Companion of the Manche
  01/29/2005  Award of Arms
06/11/2011  Burden Tyger - Lucan VIII and Jana V
  11/08/2008  Companion of the Sun and Soil (BBM)
*Victor of Shrewsbury
  07/22/2006  Companion of the Burdened Tyger
Victoria de Witte

  02/03/2001  Award of Arms
  09/13/1997  Companion of the Tygers Cub
*Victoria Harryson
  09/13/1997  Award of Arms
*Victoria la Picarde
  09/24/2005  Grant of Arms
  09/24/2005  Court Baroness
  05/03/2003  Award of Arms
  09/29/2007  Queen's Honor of Distinction (Aikaterine)
Victoria Von Werkheiser
  11/07/2009  Companion of the White Oak (BBM)
Victorie de Florette
  07/24/2004  Award of Arms
Vidar the Greater
  05/27/2001  Award of Arms
*Viennet de la Mer
  01.29/2011  Order of the Laurel
  01/26/2008  Court Baroness
  01/26/2008  Grant of Arms
  07/22/2006  Companion of the Silver Crescent
  01/31/2009  Companion of the Manche
  04/21/2001  Award of Arms
  04/10/2010  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  04/12/2008  Queen's Cypher (Gabriella)
  03/28/2009  King's Cypher (Darius IV)
  04/10/2010  Queen's Cypher (Brenwen II)
  03/29/2008  Golden Lyre
  09/27/2008  Queen's Honor of Distinction (Brenwen)
§Vigolfr Agnarsson
  10/02/2004  Award of Arms
09/30/2006  King's Cypher (Brion II)
*Vika Grigina z Prahy

  01/16/1999  Award of Arms
  02/05/2005  Golden Tyger
  08/12/2010  Companion of the Bronze Tower (Settmour Swamp)
*Viktor von dem Kleinflüsse
  08/12/1998  Companion of the Silver Crescent
Viljahelm of Hartshorn-dale
  10/15/1994  Award of Arms
Vincent Garmallon
  06/08/1991  Award of Arms
  03/31/2001  Companion of the Burdened Tyger
   ??/??/2001   Chiffre du Baron (Havre des Glaces)
Vincent of Dragon's Heorth
  01/31/2009  Companion of Gawain
Vincent of Leicester

  01/28/1995  Award of Arms
*Vincent of Wildwood
  07/12/2008  Award of Arms
*Vincenzo Martino Mazza
  02/22/2003  Award of Arms
* Violeante de Rojas was called Althea de Grimm
  04/24/1999  Award of Arms
  04/12/2003  Companion of the Burdened Tyger
  04/14/2007  Queen's Honor of Distinction (Jana IV)
*Violet Coleson
  09/25/2010 silver crescent
  11/10/2001  Award of Arms
  09/26/2009  Queen's Honor of Distinction (Gabriella II)
Violet Grey
  01/07/2011  Award of Arms
  05/01/2011   Chime (Carillion)\
xx/xx/xxxx   Order of the Horse's Head (Carillion)
   xx/xx/xxxx  Order of the Fish (Carillion)
Violetta di Montepulciano
  01/03/1998  Award of Arms
  Viorika Vladinsky
  06/11/2011  Chiffre du Baron (Havre des Glaces)
*Vissevald Selkirksson
  10/08/1983  Duke
  04/19/1980  Count
  04/04/1981  Knight
  09/30/1995  Master of the Pelican
  05/12/1990  Companion of the Silver Crescent
  01/03/1976  Award of Arms
  04/24/1982  Companion of the Troubadour
  07/01/1989  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  01/28/2012  Tyger of the East
  04/19/1997  Companion of Perseus (Carolingia)
  10/21/1989  Queen's Cypher (Maurya)
  07/10/2011   Companion of the Moon (Carolingia)
*Vitalia la Soleil
  05/26/2001  Award of Arms
Vittorio Antonello
  02/17/2007  Award of Arms
Vivianne de Pibreu

  03/25/2000  Award of Arms
*Viviene la chandeliere
  02/24/2007  Award of Arms
Vixen Alexandra Finney

  08/12/1998  Award of Arms
Vladk Drugov Syn Izmaragdov
  01/05/2002  Award of Arms
*Vladimir Báthory
  04/21/2001  Award of Arms
  08/16/2006  Queen's Order of Courtesy
*Vladimir z Devina
  04/04/1992  Award of Arms
  12/??/1992  Companion of the Salamander (Bhakail)
*Vladimir Ivanovitch Kazakov
  04/20/1985  Award of Arms
*Vladimir the Transparent
  01/26/1991  Award of Arms
*Vladimir Zaschchitovskii
  07/29/1995  Award of Arms
Vladislav of Carolingia
  01/15/1994  Award of Arms
  03/02/1996  Companion of Terpsichore
*Vladislav the Purple
  05/16/1987  Companion of the Manche
  02/20/1982  Award of Arms
  06/01/1985  Companion of the Troubadour
*Volf of Novgorod, the Ignitor
  04/05/1986  Grant of Arms
  04/06/1984  Court Baron
Volodimir Aleksandrovich Guslyar iz Novgoroda
  01/13/2001  Award of Arms
  01/13/2001  Companion of the Troubadour
*Vratislav Netopier
  09/07/1991  Award of Arms