Ubu Sere
  08/08/2012  Award of Arms
*Udalrich Schermer
  02/08/2003  Award of Arms
  10/08/2011  Companion of the Maunche
  10/??/2007  Companion of the Daystar (Carolingia)
  07/12/2008  Order of the Moon (Carolingia)
*Ugo Gonzaga, see *Uther Shieldbreaker
Uileag mac Amhairghin
  03/29/2003  Companion of the Silver Crescent
  06/06/1998  Award of Arms
Uiliam O'Fiaranghan
  11/25/2000  Companion of the Troubadour
Uilleam mac Lennan called Liam
  01/31/2004  Companion of the Silver Crescent
  02/01/2003  Queen's Honor of Distinction
  09/30/2006  Foreign Tyger
  10/25/2008  Companion of Artemis
*Uilleam MacLeòid
  01/24/1998  Award of Arms
*Uilliam MacMathgamna of Monaghan
  11/25/1995  Award of Arms
*Uilliam Twit of Witlow
  08/13/2003  Master of the Pelican
  01/28/2006  Master of the Laurel
  04/04/1998  Grant of Arms
  09/24/1994  Companion of the Manche
  04/06/2002  Companion of the Silver Crescent
  04/04/1998  Court Baron
  12/08/1990  Award of Arms
  07/17/2004  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  04/21/2001  King's Cypher (Andreas)
  04/06/2002  Queen's Cypher (Yana III)
  09/24/2005  King's Cypher (Gaufred Kelson II)
  04/12/2008  King's Cypher (Andreas III)
Uldrich Pandabhar
  07/03/2010  Award of Arms
Ulf Bjornson
  10/25/2003  Award of Arms
 Ulfblat of Malagentia
  07/14/2012  Award of Arms
 Ulfgar the Nice
  01/29/2011  Award of Arms
  01/29/2011  Queen's order of Courtesy
*Ulf Njalsen
  10/01/1988  Award of Arms
Ulf Ulfson
  04/05/1997  Award of Arms
Ulfarr Craeftig Bikkjusonr
  01/29/2005  Award of Arms
Ulfr Stinson
  05/23/2009  Award of Arms
  07/03/2010  Queen's Order of Courtesy
 Ulfr Steinsson
  09/25/2010  08/07/2008  Queen's Honor of Distinction (Marguerite)
*Ulfr Thorfinnsson
  05/26/2001  Award of Arms
Ulric von Beck
  06/02/1990  Award of Arms
*Ulric von der Insel
  01/11/2003  Master of the Pelican
  02/28/1998  Grant of Arms
  08/12/1998  Companion of the Silver Crescent
  02/28/1998  Court Baron
  12/19/1992  Award of Arms
  10/05/1996  Queen’s Order of Courtesy
  06/23/2012  Queen's Honor of Distinction (Avelina)
  12/03/1994  Pillar of the Bridge (Bridge)
  03/31/2000  Ordre du Pèlerin (Havre des Glaces)
Ulrica of Iron Bog
  01/20/1996  Award of Arms
*Ulrich von Adlerberg, see *Michael of Exeter
Ulrich Abendroth
  04/14/2007  Award of Arms
Ulrich Bryars (of An Dubhaigeainn)
  11/13/2004  Award of Arms
 Ulrich Reinhart
  08/08/2012  Award of Arms
*Ulrich von Dunkelberg
  05/06/2006  Award of Arms
Ulrich von Eisenfaust

  05/06/1989  Award of Arms
*Ulrich Jarman
  03/??/1991  Award of Arms
Ulrich Lawlis
03/01/2008  Award of Arms
*Ulrich von Rothenburg
  05/10/2008  Grant of Arms
*Ulrich Vikingsjäger

  10/17/1981  Award of Arms
*Umbar in Harchiral Dandachi
  04/19/1980  Award of Arms
Umm Salamagulina-na ibnat asuman-dukht Al Basrai yyatun Mah huly
  01/25/1997  Award of Arms
Una Glor-Airgid, called Una the Harper
  07/22/2000  Award of Arms
*Una Logan
  07/27/2002  Award of Arms
Uncas Deerslayer

  04/12/2003  Award of Arms
 Uomo Della Signora
  02/04/2012  Tygers Cub
Urho of the Pines see *Bjorn Urho of the Pines
Ursel Fredricka Kalweit
  04/15/1989  Award of Arms
Ursion de Gui
  03/05/2005  Companion of the Manche
  06/19/2010  Companion of the Silver Crescent
  03/25/2000  Award of Arms
  10/03/2009  Companion of the Burdened Tyger
  06/07/2003  Ordre de Mai (Havre des Glaces)
  03/22/2003  Golden Lyre
  10/09/2010  Prince's A&S Champion
  ??/??/2001   Chiffre du Baron (Havre des Glaces)
*Ursula von Mönchwald
  06/14/1986  Companion of the Manche
  02/23/1985  Award of Arms
*Ursula of North Woods
  01/30/1982  Baroness of Settmour Swamp
  01/09/1982  Companion of the Silver Crescent
  03/12/1994  Companion of the Manche
  05/13/1978  Award of Arms (Middle)
  05/09/1981  Companion of the Burdened Tyger
  05/12/1990  Companion of Terpsichore
  03/25/2006  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  03/28/1987  Companion of the Silver Tower (Swamp)
  03/05/1988  Companion of the Ivory Tower (Swamp)
*Ursula de Santiago y Galiciano
  01/24/1987  Award of Arms
  ??/??/1986  Companion of the Yale (Dragonship Haven)
Ursulla Karlsdottir
  07/08/1989  Award of Arms
*Ursus Arkuda
  10/??/1982  Companion of the Seahorse
*Ursus of the River
  04/07/1990  Award of Arms
*Uta von dem Lindenwald
  04/29/1995  Award of Arms (Middle)
*Uther Hardwin
  03/12/1994  Award of Arms
*Uther McDermot
  10/16/2004  Award of Arms
*Uther Pendarien ap Dufglas

  01/10/1998  Award of Arms
*Uther Shieldbreaker
  08/17/2005  Grant of Arms
  07/06/2002  Companion of the Silver Crescent
  07/24/2004  Companion of the Tygers Combattant
  08/17/2005  Court Baron
  12/08/1990  Award of Arms
  04/03/1993  Queen's Order of Courtesy
  04/01/2006  Queen's Cypher (Roxane III)
  06/??/2000  Companion of the Silver Feather (An Dubhaigeainn)
  04/??/2001  Companion of the Silver Feather (An Dubhaigeainn)
  03/??/2002  Companion of the Sea Star (Ostgardr)
Uust MacSkelton
  07/04/2009  Award of Arms