Does anyone know what this flashing light means?
Just wait a few minutes -- the station will blow up all by itself...
Give me the gun, and I'll tell you what happened.
I don't know -- why not just stuff him in a locker?
What do you mean, "No one's in the control room"?
Why the hell shouldn't I panic?!?
Umm, are you hearing voices in your head?
I haven't got time to pray -- I'm too busy saving the universe!
I'm working for the Wrong People!!!

This is Delta Station -- can anyone hear us?

Version 2

September 26-28, 1997
NotJustAnother13Con (NJAC 13)
UMass Campus Center Hotel, Amherst, MA

TABULA RASA is a Science Fiction/Espionage game with a twist. It is set on Delta Station, an isolated archaeological research facility investigating a find which has the fate of three worlds hanging in the balance. High-ranking diplomats have each woven intricate plots to ensure that they will end up in control. But we're taking role-playing to a new level, because:

Something Strange Has Just Happened
But No One Remembers What It Was

What exactly is going on? Well, that would spoil the surprise. Besides, truth is in the mind of the beholder -- and time doesn't stop when you don't know your name...

TABULA RASA, VERSION 1 was held July 12th-14th, 1996, at Dexcon 5, and was a great success. However, due to the large number of players who were not able to make it that weekend, and the number of ideas still floating around in our heads, we've decided to try it again -- with a twist.

TABULA RASA, VERSION 2 is neither a sequel nor a re-run of the original, but a complete re-write. We've taken many of the characters and concepts from the first game, but have seriously changed the plots and backstory of the situation. TRV2 is based on player suggestions, plots that we couldn't fit into the original, and twisted ideas from the black depths of our imaginations. Players from the first run are actively encouraged to come back for TRV2 -- using knowledge from TRV1 will only get you into trouble. We promise that veteran players will be just as surprised by what's going on as they were the first time.

Delta Station has lost its mind

9/3/97 -- TABULA RASA, VERSION 2 is now sold out; all parts have been cast. Our apologies to folks who we have had to turn away -- rather than stretching the game with "filler" characters, we've decided to keep it relatively small and tight, so that everyone has a good part.

Find out more about TABULA RASA, the LARP that breaks all the rules, by contacting Mark Waks at or (617) 891-3057.

For more details on the game, see the TABULA RASA FAQ . To sign up, print out and mail in this registration form.

For NJAC 13 information, see The NJAC 13 Homepage

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