As you step into the house, you find yourself in a spacious and rather elegant foyer. It's a bit spare (clearly Justin doesn't do all the housework himself), but there are several items that catch your attention.

First of all, there are a bunch of exits to other rooms:

On the left, there is a door marked Justin's Office; the door is closed, but it's a bit ajar, and he probably won't mind you poking around. Next to that is another door, marked Jane's Office. Between them is what looks to be a game room, judging from the pool table you can see through the door.

There is an elegant spiral staircase going straight up the middle of the foyer; looking up through the opening, you see little more than walls covered with books, so this must be the library.

Finally, on the right, there is a rather incongruous passageway, apparently made of rough-hewn stone, with a sign over the top that says, This way to the Middle Ages.

There is a small table, with a pile of phone books under the telephone; sitting next to that is a fax machine.

There is a teleport tube; inside the tube, you can see a listing of how to get from here to a bunch of other peoples' houses.

Straight ahead, there is a brightly-lit room making all kinds of different noises -- just from the cacophony, it's clear that this must be the living room. Next to that is a plain archway that appears to lead into the kitchen.

There is a side table, with a not-so-small pile of guide books, showing how to get around the neighborhood. (Some look a lot more reputable than others, and there's a rather ominous-looking black folder stuck in the middle.)

The room is practially wallpapered with a large collection of Escher paintings; it's a little tacky, but kind of interesting to look at. Running along the top edge of the walls is a nice reproduction of the Bayeux Tapestry. And tacked up to one corner of the wall is a book of texture swatches, suitable for decorating.