Verde Sauce

Author: Jane/Johann
Serves 100


3-4 bunches fresh parsley 2-3 packets fresh sage
1 jar dried thyme 16-20 oz. plain breadcrumbs
vinegar water

Wash the parsley, and trim off most of the stems.  Chop it slightly.
Remove the stems from the sage leaves, and chop them slightly.
Put the parsley and sage into the food processor, and pulse until finely chopped and starting to turn into paste.  Add the thyme and mix well.
Turn out into a bowl.  Add vinegar, not too much or it will become sharp/bitter.
Mix in breadcrumbs.
Add enough water to make a paste, sort of a stiff mayonnaise texture.  Allow the mixture to rest, which will rehydrate the thyme.

Notes and Variations

Jane handed the ingredients to Johann at Winter's Edge, and said "make green sauce."


Based informally on the recipe in Pleyn Delit, by Hieatt and Butler.