Peking Duck Pizza

Author: Justin
Serves 2-3
8 or so oz. duck breast Mozzarella
Shiitake mushrooms, hydrated and mincedSoy Sprouts
1-2 scallionsA few oz. Hoisin sauce
Soy sauceA standard Pizza Dough
Minced ginger

Slice greens and green-white of scallions small; discard pure whites.  Cook the duck completely, to 165 degrees or so, searing the skin until rendering is mostly done.  Deglaze the pan with a splash of soy and a little water; add ginger and shiitake, and reduce.  Build pizza as normal, with hoisin as the base sauce and cheese on top.

Notes and Variations

Generally good, but needs a good hoisin sauce.  Whole Foods sells duck breast in 12 oz. packages; Caitlin thinks that's a little excessive, but Justin likes it.  Note that cooking the duck through can take a while, especially if it is frozen.


Very loosely adapted from California Pizza Kitchen's recipe online, based on Justin saying, "Y'know, a hoisin pizza ought to work."  Caitlin found a recipe that was closest to what we were thinking of, and we took an idea or two (in particular, the shiitake) from that.