This page collects various research notes of Orlando de Medici, MKA Matthew Ender. I hope that you find it useful, and invite you to use it to further your own research or for practical use (say, making beverages for your event). If you excerpt my redactions, please attribute them; if you wish to use my work in a publication, please get my approval beforehand.


Once upon a time, I was displeased with the state of research into period beverages. So I made a standing offer to local autocrats and events cooks, that I would supply beverages to their events on request. Several took me up on the offer, and the fruits of my resulting research (except for that on kvass) may be found here.

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Syrups Caudles Others

Click here for my redaction of period kvass (a lightly fermented Russian beverage made with rye bread).


I researched caudles because the Brewers' Guild of Carolingia wanted to have a class taught on the subject. But that's no reason to restrict the knowledge. My overview of caudles, with many period recipes and some redactions, is here.

Peasant Arts

Here you may find notes on rendering tallow for use in candle- or soapmaking.

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