ANNO SOCIETATIS XVI (June, 1981 - May, 1982)



(The Grey Vixen Tourney, from Heimsdali, Vol. I, issue 13.)

The Ladies' Champion--Grey Vixen tourney held November 14, A.S. XVI at the Borough of Felding, Carolingia.

A cold gusty day heralded this day's tourney, a tourney which boasted many fine displays of courtesy and prowess. Many people braved the wind to attend the tournament and partake in the games offered. A ladies' footrace was held along with a "tug of war" game.

Night fell and all went to Severance Hall to spend time before court admiring the items entered into the embroidery contest, playing board games, and enjoying the fires. Court convened with Baron Sir Patri du Chat Gris presiding. Business before the court was lengthy but pleasing. Kate Morgan presented the prizes to contest winners. Cheese went to Earl Sir Vissevald as the tourney winner, unembroidered handkerchiefs to Lady Laura Hawkwood for her beautifully embroidered pouch, and Averil of Idris was given a large tin of Darjeeling tea for being the fleetest lady. Mistress Marian of Edwinstowe presented the ladies' favor to our new champion, Earl Sir Vissevald Selkirkson. She also commended, by the ladies' consensus, Diego Mundoz for great improvement and (Gorbeg) le Poisson Sauvage for his courtesy. Sir Andros ap Annlawd took Diego as his squire and presented him with a belt bearing his arms. Master Kobayashi Yutaka received his squire Baron Steven of Silverwing's military fealty. Master Kobayashi also presented Baron Steven and Lord Aquel of Darkstead Wood with red belts and red fans. Baron Sir Garanhir of Ness asked to be admitted and was received as a citizen of Carolingia by Baron Sir Patri to the acclaim of the populace, to wit he also swore fealty. Baroness Kathryn Goodwyn also swore fealty to the Baron and Barony. Many people received their awards of arms this night. Our new armigers are: Lady Gwendolyn of Middlemarch; Larissa iz Kieva, Goodwife; Lady Eloise de la Riviere Pollue; Johannes aus Nierenstein, Dienstmann; Lord Charles of the Dark Forest; Lady Elizabeth Fielding; (Lady) Sorcha Dhubh ingen Doahnaill ar Menez; and Cassandra of the East Winds, Free Woman.

Court finally was closed to let all pass into the hall for dinner. Dinner was served to the singing of the jongleurs. Later candlelight and the tables were put aside for the pleasure of dancing.

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The challenge, as told by Lord Kale Harlansson of Gotland:

"The Globe came and covered a ladies' champion tourney on Chapel Green. I know that that was a tourney that Vissevald won, and I know that they got a really nice sequence of me fighting Andros. Andros challenged me to see whose beard was redder, and I won that fight. So later I said, all right, I will challenge Andros to see whose moustache is redder, and he beat me, which is only fair because my moustache is kind of blond, while his moustache is as red as the rest of his beard. My beard is much redder than his beard, so we concluded that there was something to this trial by combat."

Provost: Arianwen